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For me, the biggest sign of something really changing is the Before and After. One of the things we started doing about a year ago is asking clients to tell us at the end of their retreat exactly what happened to them. They tell us: “Before my Soul Adventure, I was…” and “After my Soul Adventure, I am…” We do this as part of their final session, which is called Intuitive Integration. We have everyone do that session, because we go over all the transformations which have happened and then we help them with how to completely integrate the transformations into their daily lives, because, of course, being able to live these transformations every single day is the most important part of the retreat.
When I decided to write about this, I thought I would send you one of the biggest examples of my transformations that have happened since I came to Sedona. If you’ve read my newsletter for awhile (or read my book The Journey To Happy), you know that when I first came to Sedona in 1999 that every part of my life was a mess – I hated my work, I was in debt, I was in an unhappy marriage and I was also at least 40 pounds overweight. The picture on the left was taken when I first started coming to Sedona and the one on the right is how I look now. Coming to Sedona and working with the amazing practitioners changed everything for me.
Even though the physical change was dramatic, the physical change was more of a reflection of the incredible changes that happened to me on the emotional, mental and spiritual levels. As I talk about in my book, every part of my life started changing and shifting. I found my life purpose and soul mission and that’s what led me to start Sedona Soul Adventures so that I could bring that same kind of before and after transformation to other people. Here are some beautiful examples:
Before: Lost – After: Confident with Who I am
Charlene said, “Before my Soul Adventure I was lost. After my Soul Adventure, I am more confident with who I am and how to be.”
Before: Angry – After: Peaceful
Michelle said, “Before my Soul Adventure I was uptight, anxious, angry, unsure of what would happen. Now I have tools to make real changes. How do I want to create my life? I have choices. I can make a positive impact on not just my own life but my son’s and my husband’s too. I’ve found peace”
Before: Worried & Controlling – After: Going with the flow
Erica said, “Before this Soul adventure I was worried and wanting to control everything and now I am totally in the flow.”
Before: Trying to change the other person – After: Appreciating who the other is
Lynn said, “Before my Soul Adventure I was in my head and I’m a heart centered intuitive person but I was really trying to fit into an exterior model of how I should be and do things in the world. I was also trying to shift others into my model of how to be. Now I know it’s safe to be my true and authentic self. I can just be who I am without apology or fear. In the relationship before Sedona Soul Adventures I was trying for lack of a better term to get the “5” (enneagram type) out of him. Now I appreciate who he really is and we can both step out of our heads and into our hearts and our bodies going forward.”
David said, “Before my Soul Adventure I was unaware of my self and my legacy from childhood and the impact it was having on my adult life and the way I see the world. Now I have so much new knowledge and the impact on our relationship is amazing. Our communication is so much better. I can explain it now. It’s not personal we just have these different styles.”
Before: Despair about the relationship – After: hopeful
Marcia said, “Before my soul adventure I was in despair and sadness and not sure there was any remedy for our situation. Now I’m hopeful and eager to figure out how to approach our life differently so we can be happy.”
Jim said “Before my soul adventure I had a very analytical view of fixing things and couldn’t fix our situation. When this came about we found a way to get here because I knew this would be the only thing that could really work. It opened my eyes to a new way to have a household. I will get to break my programming and instruction so that I can relax a bit more and steer instead of take control and I know it will get easier.”
Before: Marriage shattered by affair – After: Excited about the future
Andy said “Before my Soul Adventure I was empty and searching. I was on a path but unsure if this would move us together or push us apart. And now I feel closer to Joanne than I ever have. Everything was meant to be and we wouldn’t have come to Sedona if it had not been for the affair. I’ve released the shame and I’m moving forward with a brighter lighter being. I am now the man I want to be. I am excited about our future together.”
Joanne said, “Before our Soul Adventure I was in disbelief and numb. We were talking but I was just numb. I kept thinking ‘Once a cheater, always a cheater’. I had always wanted to do a spiritual retreat as a couple even before the affair. I was excited to come here. Now after, I’m open to not holding up ultimatums and keeping a broader mind. The affair was all from old wounds. Both of us had needs not being met. This is all a blessing.”
What would be your before and after?
Whenever I talk to anyone about doing a Sedona Soul Adventures retreat, they tell me about all the stuff that is going on in their life and then I ask them to pretend that they could wave a magic wand, everything would shift and what would that look like? What is your before and what would you like your after to be? I promise you, we can get you to your “after” faster and easier than you might think.
How do we do that? We spend time really talking to you (or both of you, if it’s a couple), really digging deep to get to the heart of the matter. Then we custom design a retreat that is perfect for YOU to bring you into that after and we send you home with tools designed to not only maintain the transformations, but for them to continue to deepen.
What would you like your after to look like? Connect with us and let’s talk about it. Click here and one of our Angel Guides will call you. Or if you’d prefer, call us toll free at 1-877-204-3664 (US and Canada). For our friends outside the US and Canada call 01 928-204-5988 or click here and one of our Angel Guides will call you.
Wishing you a week filled with more of “the afters”,

Debra Stangl / Founder

Sedona Soul Adventures – Transforming Lives One Soul At A Time
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Elizabeth says before her Soul Adventure she was “lost and frustrated” and after her Soul Adventure she is “at peace”

“Before my soul adventure I was feeling lost and frustrated. I was discouraged and questioning myself. I was afraid to taking a wrong step. Now I feel more at peace. I’m more optimistic. I know I’m right where I need to be.”

Elizabeth D., Illinois


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