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Named 2023 Best Marriage Retreat in the U.S. by Guidedoc

Did you know that Sedona Soul Adventures has been named “Best Marriage Retreats in the US” for 7 years in a row? As a former divorce attorney for over 20 years, I just find that to be truly amazing that after 20 years of divorcing people, I’ve now spent over 20 years helping people stay together in a wonderful and connected way.

I believe it’s because of the unique way we have of approaching Couples Retreats and custom designing each retreat for exactly what you need and desire. 

No two couples are the same. That is why we always custom-design our relationship retreats for couples to meet your specific issues, needs, timing, and budget.

Over the years, we've found some retreat themes that keep recurring.

Choose which is right for where you are in your relationship.

The Best Couples Retreats for 2023 from Sedona Soul Adventures

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The 2023 Best Couples Retreat for Healing a Marriage 

A spiritual Couples Retreat is a powerful tool for healing a marriage.

Reasons that couples get to a point of needing to heal their marriage vary. 

Some couples are trying to recover from infidelity or another painful betrayal. 

Unhappy couple

Others have hit a rough patch caused by a significant life event. You may have experienced illness, job loss, or the kids leaving home. Others are impacted by the need to care for aging parents, or the death of someone dear to them.

Still others have found that their marriage shows signs of “wear and tear.” It’s often caused by neglecting their relationship in the chaos, stress, and rush of daily life.

Sometimes people find the “sizzle” has gone out of their relationship. You loved that person once and you still do, but the magic has flamed out.

Whatever your reason for needing to heal your marriage, spiritual retreats for couples with Sedona Soul Adventures will help repair rifts. 

Many spouses find that couples therapy does not heal their marriage, especially if they engaged in couples therapy for many years. Instead, couples therapy can sometimes retrigger negative emotions and pain by rehashing the same issues over and over again. You’re left to muddle through hurt feelings and strained communications until your next therapy session. 

We’ve had so many couples come to us for a Couples Retreat who have been in traditional therapy for months or years and it just hasn’t helped.

As I said earlier, I was a divorce attorney for over 20 years, in Omaha, Nebraska. One of the prerequisites for working with me was that I required all my people to go to therapy. In 20 years, I never had one situation with any couple where the therapy saved the marriage. They always continued with the divorce.

But here at Sedona Soul Adventures, we save marriages all day every day. It’s what we do.

A Couples Retreat is a focused and intensive experience geared toward one thing. It allows you to heal as individuals and then as a couple. From there, you can heal your marriage.

A couple sits together enjoying a gorgeous desert sunset in Sedona, AZ

Your highly-trained Soul Guide will speak with each of you separately to explore where your relationship is. Gaining both spouses’ perspectives is a necessary component of healing a relationship.

We’ll then custom design a Couples Retreat that provides healing opportunities to address each of your individual needs. We’ll also offer sessions to help you heal your marriage. 

You’ll return home refreshed, solid in your relationship, and more in love with each other than ever before.

Let Us Help You Heal Your Marriage!

Call us at (928) 204-5988 or Click Here and we’ll call you!

The 2023 Best Couples Marriage Retreat for Future Spouses

For many soon-to-be spouses, a Couples Retreat has become a vital step in preparing for marriage. It can even help couples navigate the complexities of re-marriage.

When you consider divorce statistics, you’ll soon see why a Couples Retreat makes sense. In the U.S., 50% of first marriages end in divorce. 

Couples who are remarrying face even gloomier odds. A whopping 67% of second marriages and 74% of third marriages end in divorce.

When you join in marriage, you’re doing more than sharing a household and bank account. You’re sharing a life. That means melding two sets of experiences, expectations, and behaviors.

A successful marriage requires love, but it also requires other skills. You’ll need excellent communication skills and the ability to resolve conflict. Those tools help couples create a shared vision of what they want their life to be. 

Only then can couples create a commitment to working together as partners, and achieve the goals they have set for themselves. 

It requires deliberate focus, hard work, and commitment to stay together and make the relationship work for both of you.

Most couples end up getting married without any conscious thought to these ideas and then just  hoping for the best. 

Smart couples who are committed to doing all they can to avoid divorce invest their time in a Couples Retreat. Our planning process starts with a simple conversation. 

Your highly trained Soul Guide will meet with you to understand your hopes, dreams, and goals for your marriage. You’ll discuss any concerns or trouble areas you have in your relationship. You can also address any healing you may need to do as an individual.

We’ll then hand-select a variety of healing practitioners to conduct your retreat. You’ll leave your experience stronger as individuals, united as a couple, and fully prepared for a blissful marriage.

Call (928) 204-5988 to speak to your Soul Guide. You can also Click Here and your Soul Guide will call you today!

The 2023 Best Couples Retreat if You Want to Increase Emotional Intimacy with Your Spouse or Partner

Are you ready to deepen your connection with your spouse or partner? An emotional intimacy Couples Retreat is the answer. 

Emotional intimacy is the magic ingredient that transforms mundane, sedate relationships into passionate, deeply fulfilling love affairs. 

Without emotional intimacy, your relationship runs the risk of turning into a transactional, business-like arrangement. 

Sure, you do things together as a couple. But you’re doing them side by side as individuals rather than being united heart and soul. You feel disconnected, which eventually leads to resentment, disinterest, and dissatisfaction with your relationship.

Developing emotional intimacy means allowing your partner to know the authentic you – the person you may often hide from others. It means being vulnerable and sharing your biggest dreams, deepest thoughts, and darkest fears. 

Emotional intimacy means caring about your spouse or partner. That means finding authentic empathy for what they think and feel, what they want, how they’re viewing the world. It also means being able to express yourself openly and feel accepted no matter what you say. You must extend the same love and respect to your soulmate.

How much emotional intimacy a relationship needs depends on the people in the relationship. It’s something that only you can define. It’s based on what feels “right” to you and your partner.

During your introductory discovery session, your Soul Guide will help you clarify your desires. You’ll come to an agreement about the level and type of emotional intimacy you desire.

We’ll also help you understand how your upbringing may have impacted your ability to develop intimacy. You’ll gain an understanding of what needs to happen during your Couples Retreat to build the emotional intimacy you desire.

Call Sedona Soul Adventures at (928) 204-5988. Ask to speak to your personal Soul Guide. They will help you discover how a Couples Retreat can increase the emotional intimacy in your relationship. You can also Click Here and your Soul Guide will call you today!

The 2023 Best Marriage Renewal Retreat

Have the fires of your relationship cooled to a few glowing embers? A Sedona Soul Adventures Couples Retreat may be the best way to rekindle that fire.  

It’s normal for relationships to experience ebbs and flows. Even the simple act of getting through your busy days can take a toll. 

As time passes and we get older, the demands on our attention, time, and energy grow. As you gain experience in your career, you may find yourself with increasing levels of responsibility. These tasks often require you to spend more time at work. 

Furthermore, as your family grows, you find that your relationship sometimes takes a back seat to your kids’ needs.

Without adequate attention and nurturing, your relationship can lose its sizzle. It may be “fine” – and you and your spouse get along. But your relationship feels more like a comfy pair of old sweatpants than a sharp new suit or sexy black dress.

A Couples Retreat custom-designed for you and your beloved can be just the ticket to rekindling  your marriage. You’ll enjoy new excitement, passion, and sensuality.

The process starts with a call with one of our highly trained Soul Guides. We’ll get to know you and your partner, clarifying your vision of what a rekindled marriage looks like. You’ll then explore what each of you feels is missing from your connection. Together, you’ll learn what you need to bring your best selves to the relationship.

By the end of your Couples Retreat, the fires of your marriage will return to a blazing roar. The passion and spark will be back, and you’ll be connected more deeply at a soul level. You’ll feel like a giddy teenager, in love with that special someone you chose all those years ago. 

Are you ready to rediscover the magic and connection in your relationship? Call us at (928) 204-5988, and ask to speak with your Soul Guide today. You can also Click Here and we’ll call you!

The 2023 Best Retreat for Couples Communication

The quality of your relationship can be directly linked to the quality of your communication. That’s why couples who want a deeper connection opt for a communication-focused Couples Retreat.

Communication issues arise in relationships for a number of reasons. One of the primary causes is differences in upbringing and how communication was handled in your family of origin.

Some families talk a lot, fight loudly, and make up quickly. Others keep their true feelings bottled up and ice others out during arguments. Bringing opposing styles of communication and conflict can cause challenges in a relationship.

Gender differences may also play a role and spark your interest in learning to communicate more effectively. Men often learn at a young age that it’s not “manly” to express tender emotions. Meanwhile, women may be discouraged from expressing anger or frustration. 

For a relationship to thrive, both partners need to be comfortable, confident, and capable of expressing a full range of emotions. They must be able to do so in a healthy, constructive, respectful way.

During a communication-focused Couples Retreat, you’ll become more comfortable with yourself and your emotions. You’ll also explore ways to express yourself and communicate with your partner in a healthy way that nurtures your relationship.

Your Couples Retreat may even include healing sessions designed to help you overcome blocks in your communication. They can repair rifts caused by ineffective communication or hurts in the past.

The more intimate and connected relationship you desire is waiting for you…and more effective communication will get you there. 

Call now at (928) 204-5988 and ask to speak with your Soul Guide. You can also Click Here and your Soul Guide will call you today!

The 2023 Best Marriage Retreats for Infidelity and Healing

Creating a good relationship requires consistent work and dedicated attention. Have you found that your relationship has deteriorated? If you’re struggling, it may be the year for a Couples Retreat dedicated to healing your broken relationship.

Your relationship may be in crisis…perhaps even on its last legs. A retreat that is custom designed for exactly what you need and desire will help heal relationships impacted by infidelity, years of neglect, or even a major life transition.

Or perhaps your relationship is mostly solid. Still, something feels off. Perhaps small but significant things have happened over the years that have left you feeling distant from your partner. Now you feel ready to address them and finally mend the tiny cracks in your relationship.

Healing from infidelity on your own can be fraught, time-consuming, and lead to further rifts. In contrast, a Couples Retreat can help you heal your relationship in a matter of days. They will build experiences that lead to safe healing in a holding environment.

Your journey begins with a private conversation with each of you, separately. You’ll work with your Soul Guide to create a joint vision of what you want your relationship to look like. That vision will guide an open conversation about where things have fallen apart. 

We’ll then select a series of Practitioners and experiences to create the healing journey you need to repair your relationship. It’s not too late to find solid footing. Your relationship can still be the joyful, fulfilling experience you’ve dreamed about.

You have been called from an inner voice. It’s time to follow through on the most important choice in your lifetime!

If you knew what could happen, you’d be calling right now…call (928) 204-5988 and ask to speak with your Soul Guide. You can also Click Here and your Soul Guide will call you today!
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