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Best Spiritual Retreats 2021

No two people are the same, which is why we custom-design our best spiritual retreats to meet your specific issues, needs, timing and budget. Over the years, we've found some retreat themes that keep recurring.

Choose which is right for where you are in your spiritual life.

The Best Spiritual Retreats for 2021 from Sedona Soul Adventures

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The Best Meditation Spiritual Retreat for 2021 

Do you suffer from “monkey mind,” where your mind skips from thought to thought, making it hard to focus and causing your anxiety to spike?

A meditation spiritual retreat may be one of the best things you do for yourself in 2021.

Meditation is an easy and reliable way to quiet your mind and thoughts. In just a few minutes, you feel calmer and more focused.

It’s also a powerful spiritual tool. For centuries, meditation has been a proven pathway back to the Divine. By quieting the conscious mind and ignoring its chatter, you can reconnect with your higher self and the quiet whisper of your intuition.

During a private spiritual retreat focused on meditation, you’ll be guided through a variety of meditation experiences that are carefully designed to help you achieve the breakthroughs and results you want.

We curate practitioners, the types of meditation, and even meditation settings based on where you are, your experience with meditation, and what you hope to create.

Meditation spiritual retreats can be used for:

  • Connecting with your authentic self
  • Nurturing your spiritual side
  • Discovering your life purpose
  • Healing emotional wounds
  • Identifying and shifting limiting beliefs
  • And much more

Experiencing a meditation spiritual retreat in Sedona adds an extra element.

Sedona is a sacred famous for its transformational energies. Intuitive abilities are intensified here. The veils between the worlds are thinner here.

In short, it’s a powerful place to connect with your higher self through meditation.

Let’s explore what your meditation retreat could look like. Call Sedona Soul Adventures, toll-free at 877-204-3664. Ask to speak to your personal Angel Guide who will help you discover how a spiritual retreat can give you back your life – or Click Here and we’ll call you.

The Best Transformational Spiritual Retreat for 2021

Do you feel like you need healing – in body, mind, heart and/or soul?

Do you feel out of alignment with who you really are, deep down…and wish that you could shed whatever is holding you back and step forth as the radiant, magnificent being you truly are?

A transformational spiritual retreat may be for you.

Our private retreats are custom-designed to meet you where are…and then facilitate your healing and transformation so that you leave feeling stronger, more clear, and in alignment with your higher self.

Some clients choose transformational spiritual retreats when they are ready to reinvent themselves and embark on a new phase of their lives.

Others seek support when they are ready to release their past and start pursuing their dreams.

Still others engage our services when they want help healing spiritual and emotional wounds.

We work with more than 50 Master Practitioners who employ a variety of modalities, such as reiki, breath journeys, EMDR, massage, psychic and intuitive readings, sound healing,  and more.

Which are right for you depends on where you are, your preferences, and your desired outcomes – all of which you can explore during a complimentary, no-obligation discovery session with one of our highly trained Angel Guides.

Call now toll-free 877-204-3664 to speak to your Angel Guide or Click Here and we’ll call you!

The Best Feminine Awakening Spiritual Retreat for 2021

Have you lost touch with who you are as a woman?

Do you feel disconnected from your feminine self…from who you are at your core…and from Source?

Have you sacrificed your dreams – and even your health – to take care of others, as women are so often expected to do?

Then you’re ready for a spiritual retreat dedicated to your feminine awakening.

During this special private retreat, you’ll be treated to a variety of experiences and healing sessions carefully structured to help you connect with the Goddess within.

Retreat participants report returning home feeling stronger, more clear, and more in touch with their spiritual side. They feel comfortable expressing their femininity, sensuality and emotions. They unapologetically go for what they want, while empowering the people around them.

There’s nowhere better than Sedona to birth this new version of yourself. 

Sedona is charged with powerful spiritual energy, home to amazing vortex energy which is practically palpable. 

The veils between worlds are thinner here, meaning it’s easier to connect with Source and your higher self – as well as to bring powerful spiritual energy to your healing.

To explore what your feminine awakening spiritual retreat could look like, call Sedona Soul Adventures, toll-free at 877-204-3664. Ask to speak to your personal Angel Guide who will help you discover how a spiritual retreat can facilitate your awakening.

The Best Self-Realization Spiritual Retreat for 2021

You’re feeling lost, perhaps a bit empty…and definitely certain that there is more for you in this lifetime.

Some people may look at your life and think you’re a huge success. Yet you don’t feel fulfilled or excited to get out of bed in the morning. 

You feel like you’re observing life rather than fully participating in it, going through the motions simply because that’s what is expected of you.

You may not know exactly what you want. But you do know that life is no longer working for you. You’ve lost your passion and drive…and now you’re wondering if you’ll ever get it back. 

If this sounds like you…2021 is the time for your self-realization spiritual retreat.

We aren’t meant solely to exist on this planet…even if that’s what most people end up doing.

We’re meant to learn certain lessons, BE certain people, and achieve a specific purpose.

The discontent you’re feeling is a sign from your higher, wiser self that you need a course correction. What you’re doing is no longer working because it’s not helping you fulfill your purpose, learn the lessons you’re meant to master, or evolve as a person.

You may not know what shifts you’re supposed to make – or even what your purpose is.

That’s where a self-realization spiritual retreat is invaluable.

Based on what is happening in your life, we’ll carefully curate a series of experiences and sessions to help you discover who you really are – and what you’re meant to do.

We work with more than 50 Master Practitioners and will select those who are best suited to help you along your journey.

Doing this powerful work in Sedona gives you an added boost. The entire geographic region is infused with powerful spiritual energy – the perfect cocoon for rebirth.

You’ll leave your self-realization spiritual retreat in touch with your authentic self, clear about your purpose and what you want to accomplish with your time left on Earth, and confident about moving forward.

Your journey begins with a simple phone call with one of our Angel Guides. We’ll explore where you are, what you’re experiencing, and what’s calling to you.

Call us toll-free at 877-204-3664 - or Click Here and we’ll call you!

You have been called from an inner voice — now it’s time to follow through on the most important choice in your lifetime!

If you knew what could happen, you’d be calling right now…877-204-3664

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