Bringing in the light of your Inner Sun

One of the themes of the teachings that we receive while we are here in Peru – from our shaman and guide, Jorge Luis Delgado – is about “connecting with the Light.” He talks to us about connecting with Father Sun; he teaches us about walking in the light; and he talks extensively about the light that is within each of us and how important it is for us to let that light shine.
And I’ve been struck on this trip at how many times there have been interesting beams of light that have shown up in our photos. The one above is of Jorge walking through a gateway in Pisac, an ancient Inca ceremonial site. Can you see the beam of light at the top right hand side of the photo? I took photos of everyone walking through that doorway, but Jorge’s was the only one that had that beam of light.
But the next one that was startling was this one. We were in an underground ceremonial cave that is on the grounds of Jorge’s incredibly beautiful hotel in Urubamba. The place is unbelievable — in addition to being incredibly beautiful, it has mountains on one side and the Urubamba river on the other, and it’s built on sacred ground. They discovered this underground cave that is completely dark except for one hole in the top, where at certain times of the day, the sun comes in just in a certain way. Jorge had me stand under the hole and I couldn’t feel anything, but everyone was oohing and aahing, and here was this picture. Unbelievable!
The next day, we were at the spectacular Temple of Ollantaytambo. The energy there is simply amazing – in fact, for me, the energy there is even more intense than in Machu Picchu. I took this photo of Richard against the mountain and suddenly there was this beam of light. It almost looks like a waterfall, but it isn’t, it’s simply light. I took another one and it wasn’t there. Jorge had just been talking about our Inner Sun and how we can use that Inner Sun that we all have, to connect with each other, with ourselves, and with the Cosmos.
Yesterday we were in Urco, which is a site that is so ancient no one really knows exactly what it was used for. It is pre-Incan. But it is obvious from the stonework and the energy that this is a sacred ceremonial place. We did a special ceremony here to bring up the energy of Pacha Mama (Mother Earth) into our hearts. After the ceremony, Richard and I were lying on the grass talking, and Rick Reynolds (our wonderful Angel Guide who is also on the trip with us) took this picture without us knowing about it. He just thought it was a sweet picture and then we saw this incredible beam of light. And it looks like it’s going straight to my heart! I also love the look of love that is in both of our eyes. Peru certainly fills you up with love.
Yesterday we came back from our amazing overnight visit to the island of Amantani (which is in the middle of Lake Titicaca), where we stayed with a local family. It is always so special to be with them. I am god-mother to their son, Anthony, and we always do the most spectacular ceremony there. As we were walking back to our boat, I was just filled with so much gratitude, and took what I thought was just a simple photo of the Lake. Instead, this beautiful beam of light appeared in the photo. Again, I couldn’t see it, it was there when I took the photo.
It’s so interesting. It feels like these beams of light show up when I’m filled with love or gratitude, or feeling the special energy of these sacred places. Almost like it’s God winking at me in some way. I know the rational explanation is that it’s just some refraction of light that shows up when the camera is held a certain way, but I’m not that interested in the rational explanation. I’m more interested in the explanation that has to do with light and love and gratitude and energy. How about you?

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