Clean closets, lose weight, make money

Did you know that getting rid of clutter can make you lose weight and bring more abundance into your life?

It’s spring and now is really the time to clean clutter out of your life. Clutter is stuck energy and moving clutter out of your life has incredible benefits. One of my favorite titles of all time is “Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat?” and Peter Walsh discusses this connection extensively, between holding onto weight and holding onto “stuff”. In most of her books, money guru Suze Orman recommends that the first part of dealing with money issues is to clean out closets and drawers. Making room and bringing in the energy brings more of what you want.

This past year I did two things which have made an incredible difference in my energy level. I did a complete purge of my entire house and garage and office and had a huge garage sale. I sold everything at dirt cheap prices, and I was amazed at the amount that came in.

I also completely cleaned off my bathroom counter from all the lotions and potions that I always used to keep out. I got rid of things I hadn’t used for a long time and put the rest in the medicine cabinet or in the closet. Doing this one thing has had an absolutely amazing impact on how I feel each morning when I first get up. I didn’t realize how energy draining it was to see all this stuff on the bathroom counter until I didn’t see it anymore. Even though it’s been almost a year since I’ve done this, I get this little energy boost every time I walk into my bathroom.

So with spring here, it’s the perfect time to take advantage of the spring energy boost and clear out that clutter. Here are some tips that if you follow them mercilessly (and I do mean “no mercy”), you will be amazed at the lift it will make in your energy level.  

• If you have some areas that are incredibly cluttered, take three large boxes marked “Keep” “Trash” “Donate” (meaning you are going to donate the item to charity). Just keep going through everything until you have gone through everything. Throw out the “Trash”, stack the “Keep” boxes and take the donations immediately. Next, spend 15 minutes each day going through “Keep” boxes and putting them in their proper place.

• Go through your winter clothes before you store them away. If you didn’t wear something this past year, throw it away or give it away. This is where the “no mercy” comes in. And definitely DO NOT keep something if you are telling yourself you are going to lose 10 pounds and next winter you’ll be able to wear it. These are the items that should go first!

• As you go through your winter clothes, try on everything that you have a question about. If it doesn’t look great, feel great and make you feel like a million bucks, get rid of it. Everything in your closet must look great and feel great, even if it’s what my sister calls her “fat jammies”; they feel so great when you put them on.

• Do the same process with your spring and summer clothes. Try things on and if you don’t look great and feel great in them, put them in the trash or donate them (to a charity or a friend).

• This is a hard one but the rewards are incredible. Keep this rule in mind. “Flat surfaces are not to be used for storage”. The only things that should be on your kitchen counters are small appliances. The only thing that should be on your desk is an In and Out box (and possibly a pen holder). As I said this is a hard one (and one that I must admit I’m only 90% in compliance with).

• It’s okay to have one junk drawer per person in your household. But try to figure out if you can organize the junk drawer a little bit by having small trays with different types of junk.

Most people I know feel overwhelmed by their clutter. If you would spend 15 minutes each day for the next 2 weeks you will be amazed at what will happen. Get up 15 minutes earlier because this stuff only gets done at the beginning of the day, not the end of it.

And lastly, how are you clearing the clutter from your mind, sometimes our minds are so full of things that don’t serve us anymore that we feel lethargic and overwhelmed, lost and unfulfilled – we lose our sense of purpose and start to wonder if we’ll ever get off the hamster wheel.

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Many blessings,
Debra Stangl
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