Cruise the Nile, See the Pyramids, Explore the Energies of Egypt – Join Us on the Trip of a Lifetime

Like Sedona, Egypt offers soul adventurers a great opportunity to see amazing sites while connecting with the country’s ancient mysteries and incredible energies.
Before you book that winter beach vacation to Mexico or Hawaii, consider how a trip to Egypt could offer an escape while seeing some of the wonders of the world. There is still time to join us for the trip of a lifetime, Return to Egypt, February 17-March 2, 2014. Plus, right now is a great time to go because the crowds are sparse.
The British government has declared Egypt safe for travel, and Spain and other European countries have also lifted their travel advisories. In a recent article in the Sunday London Times, the author describes being virtually alone at the Great Sphinx of Giza. You can read the article at:
Egypt has one of the longest histories of any country, inhabited since the 10th millennium BC. Ancient civilizations constructed majestic monuments such as the Giza pyramid complex and its Great Sphinx. Egypt’s rich cultural legacy, and the country’s warm hospitality, has made tourism a vital part of the economy. This is your chance to see the art and artifacts, spiritual monuments, cultural traditions and modern amenities of an area that has been the playground for emperors and kings for thousands of years.
World explorers, history buffs and spiritual seekers will be in heaven as the itinerary includes some of the country’s most popular tourist attractions:
• Enjoy private time inside the incredible Great Pyramid, one of the Seven Wonders of the World
• Relax during a five-night, 5 star Nile Cruise, with views of sites where ancient Egyptians lived and farmed
• See treasures of King Tut, the statues, the mummies and antiquities at the Cairo Museum
• Explore Valley of the Kings with private admission to the Tomb of Ramses VI, featuring amazing hieroglyphics and scenes of the afterlife, including one of Nut, the Goddess of the Sky
• Visit the Temple of Karnak, built over a period of over 1400 years, with some of the most amazing structures in all of Egypt
• Experience amazing ceremonies and meditations throughout the temples and tombs, including Temple of Hatsepshut and Temple of Philae (dedicated to the Goddess Isis)
This is your chance to safely tour Egypt with a group of like-minded spiritual travelers, visiting sacred places the typical tourist never sees. All the planning is on us, so you can focus on having spiritual awakenings and immersing yourself in the spectacular scenery and history.
Enjoy five-star accommodations, amazing ceremonies, and the very best that Egypt offers. The reservation deadline is Jan. 4 – so don’t delay! If you have any questions and would like to speak with your Tour Leader, Debra Stangl, please call Debra toll-free at 877-204-3664 or email her at [email protected]. Debra loves talking about Egypt!
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