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I did a fun 18 minute interview with Heather E. Wilson, who is an amazing coach and entrepreneur. This is part of the Mastermind work that we’ve been doing with other thought leaders and entrepreneurs.

And after you listen to it, if you haven’t been to Sedona for a Soul Adventure, I think you’re going to want to come! And if you’ve already done a Soul Adventure, but haven’t been here for a while, I think you’ll want to come back again. Even after all these years and thousands of people, I’m still amazed at what happens.

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Enjoy the video!

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Melissa says her Soul Adventure was “life changing” and brought her “peace and clarity”
“I would recommend Soul Adventures to anyone who is looking for peace and connection. It is truly a life-changing experience that is so personal and so profound that I would urge anyone who is seeking personal growth to do this. I came away with so many gifts and insights that my life experience has truly been enriched and my perspective now comes from a place of peace and clarity.”

Melissa L., Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Debra_Camel_NewWe have one spot left for the Egypt trip, which is February 12-26! It’s going to be a small group, just 10 people, so it will be intimate and wonderful. But you need to act now! Join me on this trip of a lifetime. This will be my 17th trip to Egypt!
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Debra Stangl

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