Don't be alone for the holidays, come to Sedona

Do you find yourself suddenly single this year? Or do you find the holidays to be a particularly difficult time?

We had a number of people this past week who booked a Sedona Soul Adventures retreat for Thanksgiving or Christmas or New Year’s. When I asked one of my wonderful Angel Guides, Rick, about it, he wrote me these beautiful words:

These are people who just don’t want to be sitting in their empty house surrounded by the memories of holidays past, lost loved ones, kids who have left the nest, or who are off with the other parent for the first holiday after the divorce. It’s not so much about being alone, it’s about being alone surrounded by the memories. So many of the men and women I’ve spoken with have spent every holiday season doing too much of everything — shopping, cooking, giving, giving, giving to others and a Soul Adventure is a chance to give to themselves. This isn’t about “not being lonely”, it’s about creating a sense of power and excitement around being on your own…

Isn’t that beautiful?

Because that’s exactly what we do here, is to create a sense of power and excitement about living your best life.

The other wonderful thing is that we do our retreats 365 days per year. So coming during the holidays isn’t a problem, in fact it’s a wonderful time to come. We are starting to fill up, though, so if it’s something that feels right to you, contact us and speak to one of our Angel Guides. They’ll talk to you in depth about what’s going on in your life and how a Soul Adventure can take you from where you are to where you want to be.

I want to reach out to you to contact us. Click here and one of our Angel Guides will call you. Or if you’d prefer, call us toll free at 1-877-204-3664 (US and Canada). For our friends outside the US and Canada call 01 928-204-5988 or click here and one of our Angel Guides will call you.

A Sedona Soul Adventures retreat is the perfect present to give yourself and what a way to start out the New Year!

Wishing you a week filled with many blessings,

Debra Stangl / Founder

Sedona Soul Adventures – Transforming Lives One Soul At A Time
(877) 204-3664

Charlotte says her “amazing” Soul Adventures retreat helped her “focus on putting the oxygen mask on myself first so I can better help myself and others.”
“I needed relief from being a caretaker and the stress of my own transition. Sedona Soul Adventures helped me focus on putting the oxygen mask on myself first so I can better help myself and others. It was an amazing experience and one I strongly recommend. The greatest journey of all is the journey into oneself.”

Charlotte M., New Lenox, IL

I love the way Charlotte talks about “putting the oxygen mask on myself first”.  It’s so true. Even on the airplane, the flight attendants tell you to take care of yourself first (put the oxygen mask on first) before putting it on a child or an adult who needs help. Otherwise, conditions could make it that you’re so overcome that you can’t help anyone, not even yourself. And isn’t this so true in our lives? If we don’t take care of ourselves we can get so overwhelmed we’re of no help to anyone else.

Can you imagine doing ceremony on the Solstice (June 21) in Machu Picchu?
Debra_JorgeOne of the most amazing parts of our Peru and Machu Picchu Tour (June 17-30, 2016) is the amazing ceremony we do on the Solstice at Machu Picchu. We wake before dawn so that we are in position just as the sun starts peaking over the mountains. Our shaman and guide, Jorge Luis Delgado, leads us in the most amazing ceremony, designed to truly connect us with Pachamama, the Earth Mother. It’s an extraordinary experience and one you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

Isn’t it time to add these kind of memories to your life? Join me on this amazing journey. Two weeks in Peru, learning the ways of the shaman is life changing.

“The Sedona Soul Adventures Peru Trip in June 2015 was AMAZING! It is my second Sedona Soul Sacred Travel trip and it, like the first one in Egypt, was life changing. The magic of Machu Picchu, the peacefulness of Lake Titicaca, the energy of the Apu mountain spirits is not something you can read about – it must be experienced! On this trip, we had the privilege of being in the presence of Jorge Luis Delgado, our Peruvian Shaman and Chacaruna (bridge person – messenger of light) who is an extraordinary guide, teacher and spiritual Master. Jorge had an incredible way of saying thing in such simple powerful ways. I experienced with him the power of oral tradition – that it isn’t just the words that he spoke, but it was the energy and intention he imbued into his words that is the specialness of oral tradition. It is that energy which touches you and teaches you. He reaches you heart to heart, rather than from your mind. He led me on a Pilgrimage to my Inner Sun that deepened my commitment to a higher level of consciousness, that increased my understanding of the Cosmos and its wonder, and that fueled my desire to shine brightly in the world. I will be forever grateful for this trip and the positive impact it has had on my life.”

Suzanne West, Alberta, Canada

To download our Peru brochure (which has all the information on our amazing Itinerary and Pricing) Click here
All the detailed information is on our web site – Click here
If you have questions, send me an email – [email protected]
Or even better, give me a call. You can reach me on my cell phone – 928/301-2896
I love talking about Peru.

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