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Greetings from Egypt!

How is it possible that it’s been a year since I was here last? And how is it possible that even though this is my 23rd trip to Egypt (!), it’s still new and amazing?

But that’s the nature of this place. Everything we’re seeing is thousands and thousands of years old, but the mysteries are still fresh.

Mysteries such as: Who built the Pyramids? How did they get these huge stones to this place (some of which weigh over 2 tons) when they know they came from Aswan, which is an 8-hour train ride away? And how did they cut the stones with such laser-like precision that they fit together perfectly with no mortar?

This is our group at the Steppe Pyramid where one of the people in our group had a miraculous healing. She has had pain for a long time because she has a ruptured disc. Her chiropractor told her, “I can’t do anything for you, you need to go to an orthopedic surgeon.”

When we came into the Steppe Pyramid complex, she suddenly started crying and when I came over to her she was telling me she kept hearing a voice saying over and over again, “You’re home…You’re home…You’re home.” She had a huge release inside the Pyramid and shed more tears.

When we went outside, I told her to go stand in a particular area because I experienced huge energy releases there in the past. As she stood there, she could feel she was being “worked on.” When she opened her eyes, she said, “The pain is gone.”

Oh my gosh. This is what I love so much about Egypt. You never know what’s going to happen and when you have an amazing release like this, it’s so incredible.

Riding camels to the Pyramids is always so much fun – they’re so sweet. And of course it’s so wonderful to be here with my beloved Richard. This is his sixth trip to Egypt and he’s become as fascinated as I am with all things Egyptian! What a wonderful thing to have in common.

Last night we watched the amazing Sound and Light show at the Pyramids and Sphinx. It’s so dramatic, it’s reminiscent of The Ten Commandments.

I love this photo that Richard shot – the Sphinx just looks otherworldly.

And as usual, the Egyptian people are so warm and welcoming. They always ask, “Where are you from?” and when I say, “America,” they always reply with a similar response – “We love Americans!”

This year’s tour sold out in 2 weeks, so I added a second tour, plus our trip to Jordan. I’m glad I did that, but it’s been so much work to juggle all 3 trips, so I know I’m not going to do it again! Next year we will only do one trip and I know it will sell out fast. We’re already planning the trip, so if you have any interest at all in coming on this amazing trip, join our waitlist and we’ll send you all the information as soon as it’s available. We’re anticipating it will be the last 2 weeks of February 2024.

And one of the things that is so wonderful is that many of the people on the trip have done a Soul Adventure. Listening to them talk to the ones who haven’t about how it totally transformed their lives is just so cool to listen to. Others have told them how it completely saved their marriage.

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Wishing you a week filled with adventure!

Debra Stangl

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