Happy New Year from Machu Picchu! My wishes from last year came true! [Do this process]

Happy New Year from Peru! In the Inca tradition, the winter Solstice marks the New Year. And that’s just where we were on June 21! What a blessing to have a second New Year and another opportunity to make new intentions. If you didn’t do so on June 21st, there’s still time to take a moment to sit down and set intentions for the new year, and I have a process below that’s simple and easy. It’s what I did last year and I got my two wishes, which were pretty big wishes!
When I think about it now, it’s kind of amazing to me to realize that one year ago at Machu Picchu I asked for 2 things: I wanted my book to come out and hit Amazon #1 and I wanted to have a committed, conscious relationship with a spiritually focused man. Two big things!
It’s taken 7 years for my book to come out and it’s been 7 years that I’ve been single. Isn’t that interesting? As of last June, there was still a lot to do on the book, so I wasn’t sure it would happen. But on October 19, my book “The Journey To Happy – How Embracing The Concept That Nothing Is Wrong Can Transform Your Life” came out. It not only hit Amazon #1, it made it in 5 categories and made International #1 in 4 countries.
But certainly the most wonderful and amazing wish that I am most grateful came true is finding my soul mate, Richard. I have to admit that when I made the wish last year I certainly thought that the wish for the book would be the most likely that would occur, because I had more control over that. But here we are one year later — I met Richard and we connected immediately, especially over our mutual commitment to our spiritual path. He was in San Jose, California and we did a long distance relationship, going back and forth between Sedona and San Jose as well as meeting other places.
Unbeknownst to me, he decided to ask me to marry him while I was in Egypt in February and then he proposed in March when we were in Aruba. He just moved to Sedona two weeks before we left for Peru. What a whirlwind!
If someone would have told me one year ago that all of this would have happened and unfolded in this perfect way, I don’t think I could have believed it. But here we are one year later, and it’s all happened and happened in the most amazing and beautiful way.
So I want to invite you to take the time to set intentions for what you want to have happen over the next 12 months. The energy of this Solstice is very powerful and you can take advantage of it.
Do this process – This is the same process I used in Machu Picchu last year at the Solstice. You can do it in 5 minutes. Sit quietly, with your eyes closed and breathe deeply. Think about all you have to be grateful for (even the smallest things). As you think of each thing, really fill your heart with the energy of gratitude and appreciation. Then take a few minutes to write those things down. With that energy of gratitude behind it, sit quietly for a few more minutes and think of what you would love to have happen over the next 12 months. See yourself in your mind’s eye as if it has already happened. What would you look like? How would you feel in your body? Start to feel waves of appreciation as if this has already happened.
Open your eyes and write down the things that you have asked for. Put your list some place where you will see it each day and you can energize it.
Think big — It’s amazing what can happen when you use the energy of gratitude and abundance. I thought big last year and look what happened!
When you look at your list does it seem possible and doable? Or do you feel stuck and that these things are impossible? If you think they’re impossible, they will be and that means you need to do something about it. If you feel stuck, you need to do something to get unstuck.
As I was writing this, I realized that throughout this past year, I did a lot of sessions with my practitioners whenever I started to feel stuck or felt fear coming up, both with the book and even around my relationship with Richard. I practice what I preach — I know that sessions with my amazing Sedona Soul Adventures practitioners can take me from where I am to where I want to be.
So if you want things to be different one year from now, contact us. Connect with one of our Angel Guides. They’ll dig deep and get at the root of what’s going on. Then they’ll custom design a retreat that can transform your life or your relationship. Would you like to speak to an Angel Guide today or later this week? Click here and one of our Angel Guides will call you. Or if you’d prefer, call us toll free at 1-877-204-3664 (US and Canada). For our friends outside the US and Canada call 01 928-204-5988 or click here and one of our Angel Guides will call you. And remember, we even work on Sunday, we’re here for you.
Wishing you a week filled with wishes fulfilled,

Debra Stangl / Founder

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