How to Eat and Drink Whatever you want, whenever you want and lose weight and have the body of your dreams. - Sedona Soul Adventures

How to Eat and Drink Whatever you want, whenever you want and lose weight and have the body of your dreams.

I know it sounds impossible but that’s exactly what happened to me.
Can you believe these pictures? Even after all these years, I’m still amazed.
And you have to understand that I struggled with my weight for over 40 years. I was on every diet in the world — Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Nutri System, South Beach, Stillman Diet, the Dolly Parton soup diet, vegetarian, vegan, I went raw for 6 months, juice fasts, etc., etc. I had a personal trainer 3 times per week for over 2 years, I bought all the exercise machines, I took all kinds of over the counter diet pills, etc. etc, etc.. – I would lose the weight but always gain it back (plus more) the minute I would even start looking at food again, all the while hating my body and wanting it to be different.
I started ballet dancing at the age of 3 and I have a vivid memory of my body being criticized when I was 8 years old. I was put on my first diet at the age of 12. And looking back, I wasn’t fat! I just wasn’t tall, and I didn’t have the long arms and long legs and long torso that you need to be a ballet dancer. So that criticism at the age of 8 and the relentless monitoring of what I ate began a life-long struggle that showed up as me hating my body.
Every day I used to wake up and think about what would I eat today. My good mood or bad mood at the beginning of the day was determined by what the scale said. I recently found something I’d written in one of my journals “95% of my unhappiness comes from my weight”. Isn’t that so sad?
And then suddenly, something happened. I moved to Sedona, Arizona in 2001 and in 2002 I started Sedona Soul Adventures. One of the wonderful things for me is that I have access to all these incredible healers and practitioners in Sedona and I’ve been doing my own personal healing work with them since 1999. I had been doing a lot of work around loving myself, loving every part of my personality, but I wasn’t focusing that much on my body. And one day as I was meditating, something came together for me and I just really “got it” that there was nothing wrong with my body except that I wanted it to be different and I felt so betrayed by it.
Somehow something converged and I just decided to stop.
I decided to stop all the crazy dieting.
I decided to stop all the neurotic working out.
I decided to stop thinking about it and worrying about it and talking about it.
I figured I would balloon up to 250 pounds. But that’s not what happened. Over the next few months, suddenly 40 pounds melted away. I wasn’t dieting, I was eating whatever I wanted and I was only going hiking with my dog, because I love to go hiking with my dog here in beautiful Sedona. I went from a size 14 to a size 6. It just melted away.
And as I looked back I realized what had happened. That I had finally started loving my body. That the processes I was doing for loving myself had taken hold and started showing up in the most tangible way possible with how my body looks and feels.
So now I teach that to other people. Each January, I do a 6 week Teleseminar on “The Only Diet That Works – Loving Your Body into the Weight and Health You’ve Always Wanted”. I do it with two other people, Rick Reynolds (who has lost and kept off 80 pounds for over 6 years) and Leslee Vogal, who has over 20 years experience herbal medicine and Ayurveda. It’s always so much fun and so inspiring.
Here’s what one of the people who took it last year said:
“I am writing this 11 months after taking the Loving Your Body course:  I am so much happier!!!  I am no longer in this terrible relationship I had with food and my body.  If I want to eat something, no matter what it is, I eat it and enjoy it. I exercise more because that is what I feel my body wants and enjoys AND I have lost a lot of weight…..  I can’t tell you how much (since I don’t weigh myself), but at least 3 times a week I am complimented on my beautiful body and the progress that I am making!!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
Stephanie Springel
So if this something that calls you, Click here for all the information. We’re having a FREE Preview on Saturday, January 4, 2014. It will really help you to jump start the process. Click Here to register for the FREE Preview.
And I hope you have a wonderful 2014!
Debra Stangl

Debra Stangl

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