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I Can’t Believe What’s Happened in Just a Few Short Days

We’ve had such an exciting time over the past few weeks. Isn’t it interesting when life just turns upside down? 

We are so excited about the Virtual Retreats we are doing, because THEY ARE CAUSING MAJOR TRANSFORMATIONS! 


We truly are able to bring the magic of Sedona to you. All of our practitioners work with energy (in one way or another), so it doesn’t matter whether you’re in their healing room or if you are with them out in the ethers, moving the energy and causing the transformations remains the same.

Most of our practitioners have done online sessions for many, many years, so bringing them together as part of our custom designed retreats just adds to the magic.


We asked one of the people to describe her Virtual Soul Adventure in one word and she said “Transformation.” I spoke with her on the phone at the end of her retreat and she said to me, “Debra, this was absolutely life changing. I can’t believe what’s happened in just a few short days. And I know I have the tools to have it just go deeper and deeper.”

When we asked another of our Virtual Soul Adventurers, her one word response was “Enlightening.” She raved about each and every one of her sessions and she even told us that she loved the Virtual Retreat “even more than if she had come to Sedona in person.” She said it was so easy for her to maintain the sacred space at home and she loved that she could have the emotional support of her dog and the restfulness to be at home. Isn’t that great?

We are so happy that our Virtual retreats are just as kick ass as coming to Sedona. Because we know how to bring the magic of Sedona to you – what a gift!

So how are you doing through all this? Wouldn’t it be absolutely amazing if in the middle of all this stuff going on in the world, that you ended up with your life transformed? Because that’s exactly what can happen.

Call us today (1-877-204-3664) or Click here and we’ll call you. One of our Angel Guides will connect with you (or both of you for a Couples Retreat) and we’ll go deep, to discover the blocks and gunk that are holding you back. And you can do it all from the comfort of your own home.

i want my transformation

As I always say, if you knew what could happen, you’d be calling right now.


We got our award this week “Best in Sedona Retreats for 2020”

I told you last week that we were named “Best in Sedona Retreats for 2020,” and now this week, we received the actual award. It’s a type of crystal, isn’t that beautiful? And can you see how the reflection from the glass goes across my heart? Wow!

We are so honored to be awarded the Best in Sedona for Retreats for 2020. A big thank you to all of my incredible Practitioners and staff – you are the ones who made this happen!


Please continue to join me on our daily 3-minute High Vibration and Upliftment for the Planet at 7am Pacific on the Sedona Soul Adventures Facebook page

We’re in the middle of doing our daily High Vibration and Upliftment for the Planet Meditation/Prayer/Healing.

My Practitioners and I have been doing this every day and I certainly hope you’ll join me as we finish out 28 days – we go until April 11th (although I might extend it, it feels like that’s what’s going to happen).

I am inviting you to join us and take these 3 minutes each day to do something valuable for the planet. Each day will begin with prayer for healing for those affected, and then move into a meditation and high vibration to lift the energy of the planet out of fear and anxiety, and into a feeling of love, hope and connection.

I know that is the most powerful form we can use. The bringing together and focusing of all of our powerful energies.

Won’t it feel good to feel like you’re actually doing something positive about this, rather than just succumbing to the fear that is all around us?

I come on a few minutes before the hour so that people have time to get their Notifications and come on. I always have our new puppy Beauregard with me during those first few minutes, as he’s such a happy thing to see!

Each morning at 7am Pacific for 3 minutes, until April 11th. That’s…

  • 10am Eastern
  • 9am Central
  • 8am Mountain

To come onto Facebook Live:

1. Click here to go to the Sedona Soul Adventures Facebook page.

2. Like the page (this is important, because when we go live, if you’ve liked the page you will see that we are live and if notifications are on you will receive a notification that we are live).

Set the alarm on your phone each day and join us. Are you willing to take 3 minutes each day to do what we can to help the planet?

Wishing you a week filled with love and joy (it’s possible!),

Debra Stangl

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