“If all husbands cared about their wife’s coffee like that, it would be a better world” - Sedona Soul Adventures

“If all husbands cared about their wife’s coffee like that, it would be a better world”

I don’t drink coffee very much. My husband, Richard, pretty much has to have a cup of coffee in the morning before he’s “okay” and most people I know really need that. 

What I like to have a few times a week is a VERY VERY dry cappuccino. “Dry” means it doesn’t have hardly any milk in it, just a shot of espresso and lots and lots of foam. The cup should almost feel empty. Very often when I order it, no matter what I say, I get a cup that feels like it weighs 5 pounds and then I ask them to re-do it, because if I’m going to have it, I want it the way I want it. I’m very particular about it.

Last weekend my husband, Richard, and I (and our 2 cute doodles) went for a hike to the top of  Sugarloaf mountain in Sedona, and afterward, we went through the drive-thru at Starbucks. Richard rolled down his window and said, “I would like a venti cappuccino extra, extra, extra, EXTRA, super, super, SUPER dry.”

When we got to the window, the Starbucks person said, “If all husbands cared about their wife’s coffee like you do, the world would be a better place.”

And we both laughed and Richard said, “It’s so true! You just have to care about what the other person wants and how they want it! That’s the key to relationships!”

And as we drove away with our coffees, we had this great discussion about it and how this really is the key and how this is exactly what we’re getting down to with our Couples Retreats. 

Relationships (whether it’s with your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, partner, boss, employee, friend, parent, or child, etc.) are all about NURTURING THE OTHER PERSON IN THE WAY THEY WANT TO BE NURTURED.

This is a huge piece of the work we do here with our Couples. We discover the way each of them wants to be nurtured and we do that through a number of different means, it depends on the couple. When you know what one of them wants, then you find out what the other wants, and that’s when the rubber meets the road. Because the next question becomes: 

“Are you willing to give them what they want in the way they want it?”

Many people are very surprised to discover what they really want, it’s very often not what they were thinking it was going to be. 

And in most situations, most people are willing to give their partners what they want and need.

But then we have the situations where one of the couple says, “I’m not willing to do that,” and that’s where the SPIRITUAL PIVOT comes in.

We had a couple here last year who his biggest need was “Words of Praise” and his wife was constantly criticizing him. When she was asked if she could stop criticizing him, her initial response was, “No, he’s a child, if I don’t tell him what to do and correct him all the time, our lives will be even worse.”

We took them through some additional sessions where she finally started to “get it” that what she was doing was emasculating him and destroying their marriage. He was seeing how he wasn’t giving her what she needed and he enthusiastically agreed to start doing that. When she saw him make the pivot, and when she realized that a lot of what was going on stemmed from things in her own childhood between her parents, she made the pivot. She stopped the criticism, he kept up the agreement of giving her what she needed, and I’m happy to say that one year later, they are happier than ever.

When we nurture each other, magical things happen. 

Sometimes it can be pretty difficult to decide, “I’m going to start nurturing him (or her).” Sometimes there’s lots of baggage from past hurts and slights that a simple decision doesn’t just take care of. That’s why our Couples Retreats are so powerful. 

We start by having deep conversations with both of you before you come to Sedona (or start your At-Home Retreat). We dig deep to start to get to the underlying problems. Then we custom design a retreat that will break through the old wounds, hurts, and mistrust, moving out the emotional blocks and “gunk” that are blocking you and causing all the trouble. Then we do sessions designed to move you into a state of connection with yourself and with each other, plus tools for communication and deeper expressions of love. 

To come back into that love is an amazing thing.


Jo and Andrew say through our “life-changing” Couples retreat, we’ve achieved “a loving, trusting, holistic, mutually supportive and accepting, and nurturing relationship… One of the best investments we’ve ever made.”

Oh my goodness, is this the most amazing thing, or what? 

I hope you realize that the testimonials we have on Trustpilot (over 600 now just in a few short years) are third-party verified, meaning Trustpilot verifies these are actual clients. Because this one sounds like we’re making it up!

Look at everything Jo and Andrew said about their Couples Retreat:

  • It exceeded their expectations
  • They felt totally supported
  • Everything was custom designed for exactly what they needed
  • They had life-changing realizations, spiritual awarenesses, and the healing of individual core wounds
  • They’ve achieved a loving, trusting, holistic, mutually supportive and accepting, and nurturing relationship
  • All in all, “one of the best investments” they’ve ever made

And as they said, how can you put a price on that? It’s priceless. 

And how many things can you say that about these days? Something that brings you back into the love and relationship you crave?

If you’d like to repair your relationship or, even better, take your relationship to another level, please give us a call. The majority of the couples who contact us are in unhappiness or crisis, but our favorite thing is to work with people who want to take their love to a whole new level.

Whatever you want and desire in your relationship, we can help. 

i want my transformation

Or if you’d prefer, call us at (928) 204-5988 or click here and one of our Soul Guides will call you. We’ll custom design a retreat that will take you from where you are to where you want to be.

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Jorge helped guide me through spiritual healing that has been needed to free my mind and spirit from past resentments, fears and pain. All of the ceremonies were beautiful and enlightening. I have been home for a week and my family has made comments about how happy I seem. I really am – I feel better! I look forward to taking what I’ve learned on this trip from not only Jorge, but also from the others in our group. I formed friendships during this trip that I know will last a very long time. I most definitely give every aspect of this trip a 10!”
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