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I’m very grateful I didn’t die last weekend

Thanksgiving is this week and I’m very grateful. I had an “episode” last weekend and I’m very grateful that I didn’t die and that I’m here to tell you about it.

Last Friday, I was on my way to my personal trainer and I stopped at Starbucks for a cappuccino. When I got back into my car, I thought, “Where am I going?” and then I thought it was kind of weird that I wasn’t sure where I was going.

My trainer is just a couple of blocks away and after I walked through the door, I don’t have very much recollection of what happened after that. I evidently was acting “off,” so Sean immediately called my husband, Richard, and Richard was there in 5 minutes. I evidently called Sean “Scott” and I said it was June. So they both thought I might be having a stroke.

Richard immediately took me to the Sedona Medical Center. They did some sort of test and determined they didn’t think it was a stroke but two arteries in the back of my neck looked thin and not as full as they should be. They wanted to transfer me to the Verde Valley Medical Center in Cottonwood (20 minutes away), but we had to wait a few hours before a bed became available. We went by ambulance, I got there at about 6pm and spent the night. The next day they did an Echocardiogram and an MRI. 

In the meantime, Richard had taken a photo of my vitals when we were in Sedona and sent them to my Nurse Practitioner who is Western-trained, but very holistic. He took one look and told Richard, “She’s just dehydrated.” Sure enough, in Sedona, they gave me a drip with fluids and electrolytes, and Richard said when the bag was half empty, all the color came back in my cheeks and I was talking normally again.

After they got the results of the Echocardiogram and MRI they told me everything was completely normal and they discharged me. 

My Nurse Practitioner says it was dehydration, accompanied by stress. I had a really stressful two weeks and as I lay in the hospital bed, I was thinking, “I’ve really got to completely practice what I preach. I tell everyone else to do self-care and here I am in the hospital.” And by the way, this is the first time in my life I’ve been overnight in a hospital!

Dehydration is a huge thing here in Arizona and I must say I’ve gotten lax over the last few months. But I think that stress was the real culprit here. Since this past weekend, I’ve done sessions with two of my amazing Practitioners. With one of them, there was some discordant energy that she moved out. With the other, she really saw in my field how I’m taking on everyone else’s stuff and I just have to stop doing that.

But the really great news is that I feel REALLY GRATEFUL.

I feel really grateful that I didn’t die.

I feel really grateful that I feel really great in my body.

I feel really grateful that my MRI says my brain is just fine.

I feel really grateful that my Echocardiogram says my heart is just fine.

I feel really grateful that Richard and I will be able to keep doing really fun stuff together. 

As most of you know, we were just in Paris celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary. That was just in September, 60 days ago, yet it feels like an age ago. We did a photo shoot at the Eiffel Tower and had so much fun! Here’s one of the photos (hard to see the Tower in the back, but it’s there). 

See the look of love on my face? I’m really grateful I get to keep on loving Richard.

Poor Richard is also REALLY GRATEFUL because he had about 24 hours of thinking that something might be very, very wrong – and luckily it wasn’t.

And that’s what Thanksgiving is all about, right? Being REALLY GRATEFUL for everything you have in your life.

Even if you’re having problems, think about all the good stuff in your life:

You’re alive.

The sun came up this morning.

You have air to breathe.

You have food to eat.

You have a place to live.

Most of you live in a country where you can pretty much say or do what you want. We have some people on our newsletter list who live in countries where they can’t. Think of what a blessing that is that you have that freedom.

I’ve just been saying, “Thank you, God,” so much this past week. And I REALLY MEAN IT!

I’m grateful to all of you, I’m grateful for Richard, for our families, for my two doggies, for my friends, for Sedona Soul Adventures, for all my Practitioners (so many of you were saying so many prayers and sending so much energy my way, thank you!), my staff, for Sedona and FOR MY LIFE! I feel so blessed and I hope to keep on doing all this stuff for many more years.

One of the biggest things I’m so grateful for is everything that happens with Sedona Soul Adventures. I just feel so blessed that we’ve been able to do this work and it’s had such an impact on so many people. If you’d like to completely transform your life or your relationship, please connect with us. You’ll be REALLY GRATEFUL you did!

i want my transformation

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Stacy says, “I arrived in Sedona feeling lost and burned out and came home feeling alive, re-energized and excited for what the future holds”

Oh my gosh, isn’t that what it’s all about? She was lost and burned out, and after her Soul Adventure, she’s feeling alive, re-energized and excited for what the future holds. 

I’m REALLY GRATEFUL that happened for you Stacy!


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Egypt trip 2 - 2

Why group travel is so much better when you go to Egypt. Join us for Return to Egypt (March 9-22) plus our Jordan and Petra add on (March 4-9)

When I was in my 20’s I remember telling myself, “I will NEVER go in a group to travel anywhere.” I would see people traveling in groups with their tour leader carrying a flag or blowing a whistle, or worse, people having to wear name tags or beanies! “I will never travel like that”, I told myself.

Then I came to Egypt for the first time in 1983. This was before the internet and I did all the planning for the trip and the planning took forever. It was a fantastic trip, but one of the things that I kept seeing everywhere we went, was that groups were able to get into places that my boyfriend and I couldn’t get into on our own.


The first group trip I ever went on was a trip to Egypt in 1995. It was unbelievably fantastic. As now, Guardian Travel was our guide and there were things we were able to do because we were with Guardian Travel and because we were in a group…

Things like 2 hours of private time inside the Great Pyramid and being able to actually go down and be between the paws of the Sphinx (where the public isn’t allowed to go). We were able to do ceremony and meditations in these amazing places because it had been specially arranged for us.


I was drawn to go back to Egypt again in 2000, again with a group with Guardian Travel. I wasn’t the tour leader, I was just part of the group. That trip was even more amazing than the one in 1995. There was such a diverse group of people on that trip, including people who were so excited about the alternative explanations for things like the Great Pyramid.

I figured this was going to be my last trip to Egypt, so I bought a lot of stuff. The shopping was incredible and I told myself I would never be coming back here again!

Little did I know that my life would take such an interesting turn and that in 2002 I would found Sedona Soul Adventures and in 2004 I would start taking groups to Egypt each and every year.


What I have discovered in all these years and what the people who have gone with me on these trips have discovered is that going with other like-minded people to these amazing places adds such an incredible dimension to the trip. And because we’re part of a group and connected with Guardian Travel, we get to do things that the typical tourist doesn’t get to do.

And this year they’ve done it again! They’ve been able to make arrangements for us to have special private passes to the Tombs of King Tut, Seti I, and Queen Nefertari. These tombs are spectacular!

“The Egypt trip was truly phenomenal! I have never done traveling in a group before and I will honestly say that I did not think I would enjoy a ‘group’ trip as much as I did. It was most definitely my Journey of a Lifetime!!!”
~ Linda Kaczor


One of the things that is so fantastic about our trips is that typically our people fall in love with each other within 48 hours. So even if you’re traveling alone, you’re not traveling alone! You’ll have a bunch of friends with whom you’ll share these amazing experiences, many of whom will become friends for life.

“Sedona Soul Adventures trips are different. Such amazing people are drawn to these trips–it’s not like traveling with strangers, it’s like traveling with dear friends you haven’t seen in a long time. That is truly how I felt on both my Peru and Egypt trips.”
~ Elizabeth Stevens-Pande

If you’d like information on our trip (March 9 – March 22, 2023) check out our incredible Day to Day Itinerary (the Pyramids!, the Sphinx!, 5-day cruise down the Nile, Abu Simbel, Philae, Karnak, Luxor, and private time in the Great Pyramid just for our group).

On the Pricing, this is all-inclusive – airfare to and from New York (JFK) to Egypt, 4 flights within Egypt, 5 star hotels, 5-day, 5-star Nile Cruise, 3 meals each day, all transportation, admission to all the sites, our Egyptian guide (who reads hieroglyphics!), even tips for hotel and wait staff. Get all the information here.

If you have any questions about our trip, send me an email at [email protected].

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And new this year! We’ve added a 5-day add-on trip to Jordan to see Petra, Jerash, Wadi Rum and the Dead Sea March 5-10! You may recognize Petra from the “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” movie. Get all the information here.

I hope to connect with you on this amazing journey!

egypt button

Read testimonials from all the years we’ve gone to Egypt.

If you have any questions, email me at [email protected].

If you already know you want to go, place your deposit today for the Egypt trip.

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Wishing you a week filled with lots of turkey and lots of gratitude!

Debra Stangl

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