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Is Your Relationship Killing You?

Wow, can you believe that relationships are a bigger factor for what can make you sick than:

  • Diet?
  • Exercise?
  • Smoking?

Dr. Ornish has also said:

Studies have shown that those who do not have a healthy relationship have a 3 – 5 times higher risk of cancer, heart disease, stroke, alcoholism and suicide than those who are in happy, nurturing relationships that make them feel loved and supported.

I was thinking just yesterday that I’ve been fascinated with relationships and what makes them work (or not) ever since I was a little kid. My mother subscribed to the “Ladies Home Journal” Magazine and they had a column each month entitled, “Can This Marriage Be Saved?”, which I devoured. Each month the woman would give her side of the story then the man would give his side of the story and then the marriage counselor would make his pronouncement of whether or not the marriage could be “saved.”

After that I became a divorce attorney for 20 years. Amazingly, during that 20-year period, I had some clients for whom I did 3 divorces. I could always see that each time they had married virtually the same person, they just had a different name. They kept making the same mistakes over and over again, never learning from their mistakes.

They never learned how to do relationships right.

Then my life changed when I came to Sedona for the first time and over the next few years I saw how lives and relationships could be transformed when people came back into connection. Back into connection with themselves, back into connection with their partner and the two of them coming back into connection with this third entity, which is the relationship.

If your relationship is making you feel angry, unhappy, depressed, hopeless, or stuck, you might be on the path to bigger problems down the road, as Dr. Ornish believes. You’ve got to do something. The good news is, there’s help.

Wouldn’t you just love to feel like you’re on fire in your relationship? Wouldn’t you love to have your needs met? Wouldn’t you love to see the endless possibilities?

Give us a call. We’ll connect with both of you in a deep way and we’ll start the process of bringing you out of where you are and into the relationship of your dreams.

i want my transformation

Call us at (928) 204-5988 or request a call and one of our Soul Guides will call you. They’ll connect with you (or both of you if it’s a couple) and custom design a retreat that will take you from where you are to where you want to be.


Did you know Sedona Soul Adventures was named “Best of Sedona”
for Retreats for 2020, 2021 & 2022,
“Best Marriage Retreats in the US” 2015-2023 and
one of the “11 Best Couples Retreats Around the World”
by Bride’s Magazine in 2022? We were recently named one of Global Radiance Review’s “20 Most Trustworthy Companies of 2023”

It’s because what we do gets results – call us now, let us help. As I always say, if you knew what could happen, you’d be calling right now.

What area of your life do you need help with most right now…

Your relationship?
Finding your life purpose?
Loss of a loved one?
Healing & pampering?
Or is it something else?

Because we’re here for you – and we’re even open on Sunday!

Remember, there’s no cost or obligation to speak with a Soul Guide and have them custom-design the perfect retreat just for you in Sedona or At Home.

Call us at (928) 204-5988 or request a call from one of our
Soul Guides and they will call you.

Wishing you a week filled with feeling like you’re on fire!

Debra Stangl

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