It’s almost mind blowing to even think of living a life like this, because almost no one does

This week I’m getting everything all together to leave for our Egypt trip in 4 weeks and I came across a beautiful papyrus, which is a depiction of the Last Judgment. You see this scene all over Egypt in carvings and temples and papyrus.

The ancient Egyptians believed that at the time of your death, your heart would be weighed against a feather. If your heart was lighter than the feather (meaning you had lived a good life and weren’t weighted down by evil), you would enter into Paradise and live out eternity with the Gods and Goddesses.

However, if your heart was heavier than the feather, that meant you had not lived a good and honorable life, and your soul would be devoured by the jackals. In the scene above, you can see that the person’s heart was lighter than the feather (whew!) and to the right, you can see Thoth, the god of writing and knowledge, noting this in what we would call the Akashic Records.

What I love most about this papyrus and all the other aspects of ancient Egypt, is that it conveys the essence of ancient Egyptian life, which is that everything revolved around their connection with their spirituality. Everything they did, every decision they made, was completely focused on the spiritual aspect of their lives.

So if you died tomorrow and the ancient Egyptians are right about the Last Judgment, what would happen with you? Would your heart be lighter than a feather? Would you be able to pass and party on with the Gods and Goddesses into eternity?

What if you lived your life with the idea that there is a higher purpose for your life? A greater knowing? A higher way of being?

We spend so much time focused on the day-to-day-ness of our lives. Doing our email, working, dealing with the kids, our partners, bosses, employees, cooking, cleaning, worrying about the pandemic… It doesn’t leave much time for anything else. It certainly doesn’t leave much time for connecting in with the highest part of ourselves and accessing the Divine.

Would your life be different if you put just a little bit of focus on your life as a spiritual person? I think it would. It’s amazing what happens when you come from that perspective, even just a little bit.

You’re calmer.
You’re more relaxed.
You don’t worry as much.
You start to have an innate knowing that everything will work out.

Can you imagine having your life be calmer, more relaxed, with less worry and this basic trust that everything will be okay? It’s almost mind blowing to even think of living a life like that, because almost no one does it.

We had a woman come here awhile ago to do a Sedona Soul Adventures retreat. She has a demanding job, two demanding teenagers and a demanding husband. The pandemic made her life even more busy, not less.

This was the first time she had ever done anything for herself in her entire life. Although she wanted to do a four day Soul Adventure, the most she was able to squeeze out from her busy life was three days and we told her that would be enough.

When I went in to greet her during her Orientation, she got 3 phone calls in 15 minutes. One from her job, one from one of her children and one from her husband. This was a Friday and she was going to be here Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and return home on Monday.

To each of them she said something close to, “I love you, but you’re going to have to figure this out, I can’t do anything about it from here.” She got off the third phone call and started crying, saying, “This is my life. This is why I don’t have any peace. I’m so afraid I’m going to go home and everything will be exactly the same and nothing will have changed. My nerves are shot, I can’t take this anymore, I’m just ready to run away.”

I invited her to take a deep breath and to stop focusing on what would happen when she got home. To just focus on how wonderful the next three days would be. Secretly, I shared her concern because I know what it’s like to have so many demands placed on you, to have people that you love and care about and a job that you care about, all pulling at you all the time.

Over the next 3 days, she had the most amazing experience. In her Enneagram session, she discovered that she is a Two, a people pleaser who had the distorted belief that she has to do everything for everyone else in order to be loved. She said when she discovered that, it explained everything about how she does her life. In her Emotional Clearing session, there was this old stuck energy left over from her childhood (where, as the oldest girl, she had to take care of everybody); the energy was cleared out and she said she felt “20 pounds lighter.”

But her breath session was the most amazing. She felt that she went completely into an altered state and suddenly, her mother (who passed away 2 years ago and for whom she was still grieving) came to her in a vision. She said there was this instant feeling of forgiveness from her mother for things she’d been feeling guilty about.

And then her mother conveyed to her (without words) that it was most important for her to take care of herself so that she could be there for her family in a balanced way. She “got it,” that she can take care of herself and still be a devoted wife and mother and effective at her job. She said she never felt so much love for herself in her entire life.

She had a delicious massage, did an amazing ceremony out on the Red Rocks and learned a meditation that she could take home and do in only 9 minutes each day. Her final Integration session put it all together and when I spoke with her as she was on the way to the airport she said, “I feel like a new woman. I’m so peaceful and calm and I know I can keep this going.”

After she’d been home a month, she called me to say that she is completely amazed at how her Soul Adventure has changed her life. She’s doing the 9-minute meditation every morning (“I just get up 10 minutes earlier”) and she’s done another breath session since she’s been home.

“Things still happen at work and with the kids and my husband, but it’s not driving me crazy anymore. I don’t feel like I have to do everything. It’s the most amazing thing. I just spend a little time each day focused on the spiritual side of my life and it makes all the difference because it affects all the areas of my life all day. My husband can’t believe it!”

She said she feels more love for her husband and for her kids (and for herself!) than she ever has.

So without knowing it, she’s “walking like an Egyptian” (remember that old song?). She’s focusing on the spiritual side of her life and it’s making all parts of her life richer and fuller. She’s happier, more peaceful, more content, and her relationship with her husband and her children (and herself) is better.

She said she feels like she’s even getting more work done in a faster amount of time! And she probably is. When we’re operating in connection on all the levels — physical, mental, emotional, spiritual — all areas of our lives just function better.

How about you? Would you like to be happier, more peaceful, more content and improve your relationships? It sounds like a tall order, but that’s exactly what happens when we live our lives in connection. Speak to one of our Angel Guides. They will connect with you and custom design a retreat that will bring you the peace and contentment you’re looking for in your life or your relationship.

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i want my transformation

Diane says she “never imagined she could be feeling so much lighter, clearer and overflowing with so much peace, joy, love and light”

“This was not only my very first retreat, but also the first time going away completely alone. From the beginning of my journey to its completion, I was filled with such support… joy… and love. All I can say is I never imagined after such a process, I would be feeling so much lighter… clearer… and overflowing with so much peace… joy… love and light! What an amazing experience!”
~ Diane S., Vero Beach, Florida


The Machu Picchu trip just got better


Three new people have joined the Peru trip and they demonstrate one of the reasons why the trip is so wonderful – the amazing people who go. It’s so wonderful to spend 2 weeks, not only with our amazing shaman, Jorge Luis Delgado, but also to be with other like-minded adventurers who are interesting, fun and spiritually focused.

One couple just came here to do a Sedona Soul Adventures retreat and they had an incredible time. We had the most wonderful conversation about spirituality, living our best lives, creating our own reality and this amazing world we live in and now they’re coming on the trip.

Last weekend I had the most fun conversation with another woman who’s decided to come. We talked especially about the amazing ceremonies that we do on the trip and we had the most wonderful conversation about living a joy filled life.

So these are the kinds of people who come on this trip. Being with these kind of people is not only amazing and rewarding, but typically what we find is that many people form wonderful long-term friendships. I love it that a number of my own friends are people who I first met coming on my trips.

And if you don’t have someone to travel with, that’s not a problem. What always seems to happen on these trips is that we have a few couples, but the majority are people traveling as a single (even if they’re married or in a relationship, because their partner isn’t interested in Peru). And that’s what’s happening with this trip. We have two couples and the rest are singles. So you’ll have lots of people to hang out with.

Plus, our groups are all in love with each other after 2 days, it’s so wonderful!

“Our sacred journey to Peru was more than we had hoped for, and was made all the more special by the people – Debra, Jorge Luis, and most importantly, the group of strangers that we met on the first day who became lifelong friends by the end of the two weeks. The trip was incredibly well-run, deeply spiritual and life-changing.”
~ Clayton Smith, Canada

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The trip is 100% refundable up to April 1, 2021 so that any deposits or other funds you have placed, will be completely refundable, no questions asked.

“My trip to Peru was a life altering experience. I laughed, I cried, I experienced new dimensions.”
 Laura McConnell

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If you have questions, please send them to me directly at [email protected].

Or call me — (928) 301-2896 — I love talking about Peru!

Wishing you a week filled with your highest dreams!

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