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Kissing on camels

Every year it’s such a joy for me to take people to Egypt. Everyone always has very high expectations and every year, it’s so much fun to see them get even more excited than they thought they were going to be. This is my 18th visit to Egypt (!), but it’s the first time for my husband, Richard, so it’s been especially fun to show everything to him.
On our first day, we always start out riding camels to the Great Pyramid. It is so amazing to come over the hill and then there is the Great Pyramid! To see this thing that most of us have known about since we were children and is on so many people’s bucket list is absolutely incredible.
Our camel driver took this great picture of Richard and I kissing on our camels. Richard has absolutely loved everything, it’s been more than he even imagined it would be.
And that’s what’s so incredible about Egypt. As amazing as you think it’s going to be, it’s even more amazing when you experience it.
Last night we had a fun discussion around all the different theories of who built the Pyramids and why. Was it aliens? Was it beings from another dimension? Did the ancient Egyptians know things about vibration and sound and magnetism that we don’t know? Will we ever know?

Yesterday we went to the Cairo Museum and saw the fantastic treasures of King Tut. And even though I’ve seen them 17 times before, it’s still amazing! But there’s so much more there than just that. So many statues, sarcophagi, papyrus paintings, mummies and incredible artwork. This is one of my favorite pieces, this statue of a scribe. It’s thousands of years old and the eyes are made of crystals, so when the light shines on them, you feel as if he is alive and looking straight at you.
And it’s not just about seeing the sites, meditating and doing ceremonies. Our hotel is so beautiful and it’s right next to the Pyramids! Can you imagine? It’s so amazing to sit on our balcony or drink my cappuccino in the morning and look up and see the Great Pyramid.
Last night we went to the Sound and Light show. The script and the music are so dramatic (think “Ben Hur”) and the lighting on the Pyramids, the Sphinx and the Valley Temple make for such an eerie and interesting experience.
And the shopping is absolutely incredible! Today we went to Sakkara and after our visit to the Steppe Pyramid we went to a carpet factory where they make the beautiful handmade rugs that Egypt is famous for. The prices right now are absolutely incredible because the dollar is so strong against the Egyptian pound (in years past, the exchange rate was 3 to 1, now it’s 17 to 1). Almost everyone bought a rug or wall hanging, here’s Chris and Melissa very happy with the silk rug they are taking home. After all these years, I have 8 Egyptian rugs and no more places in the house to put them, so I certainly don’t need anymore. But it was hard to not buy another one! They’re so beautiful!
Tomorrow we leave for Luxor and our 5-day cruise on the Nile. I’m so excited!
Next week I’ll write again from this amazing place. And I’m posting on Facebook each day, so you can follow us there.

Elizabeth says after her Soul Adventure, “I am permanently changed”
(and then she went with me to Egypt and Peru!)

“I’m just so grateful that you are here, doing this. You gave me a framework to jumpstart the next step in my spiritual growth, you got me in touch with so many amazing healers/sages, and the whole experience is really beautifully thought out and put together. I do feel that I am permanently changed for having done this. And yes, I will most definitely be back! And I really hope I can join you on a Sacred Travel!”

Elizabeth Pande, San Francisco

Liz went on the Egypt trip the next year and had such an incredible time, she came on the Peru trip the following year! I love it so much that almost everyone on this Egypt trip has already done a Sedona Soul Adventures retreat. It’s so perfect. And what I really love is that the ones who have already done a retreat are telling the ones who haven’t done one that they definitely should, and how much it has changed their lives. You can’t imagine how good that makes me feel!
So with all this talk about Egypt, I don’t want you to forget about the most important thing we do — our life changing retreats for individuals and couples. If you really want to have the life or relationship of your dreams, contact us.

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