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Last Call for Machu Picchu & Peru June 17-30 — Some irreverent reasons why you should come

Is going to Machu Picchu on your bucket list? If so, I’m putting out the last call for our amazing trip that is June 17-30. Here are just some of the reasons why you should come:
1. You aren’t getting any younger. Sorry to be so blunt, but I’m serious. If you want to go to Peru you need to go while you can still do a lot of walking and hiking. This is a very active trip and you need to go while you have the energy and vitality to do it. Climbing the stone walls of Machu Picchu and the beautiful steps of Ollantaytambo are mind blowing and you want to be able to enjoy it.

2. How much longer are you going to put off really living the life you want? So many people have told me that “someday” they are going to take one of my fabulous trips to Egypt or Peru. Guess what? I can guarantee you that none of those people will ever go. Living a fabulous, connected life takes commitment and requires making the decisions necessary to accomplish that. If you want to go to Machu Picchu, you need to do it and make it happen.
3. Quit lying to yourself. Quit telling yourself you don’t have the money and you don’t have the time. In my 30+ years of working with people, I have discovered that people find the money for things they really want and they take the time to do the things they really want to do. One of the women who went to Egypt with me a few years ago had just started a new job 2 days earlier when in her meditation she “got it” that she absolutely was supposed to go to Egypt. She literally contacted me the day we were leaving. Her boss understood and gave her permission to go. She came and it was a completely amazing and transformational trip for her and she knows she was an even better and happier worker upon her return. Over the years I’ve also had so many people tell me about money falling out of the sky once they absolutely decided that they were going.
4. You know you need this. If you are feeling the pull to go on this trip, you need to be listening. Spirit is trying to get your attention. I know for me that when I don’t listen to those messages, bad things happen to make me start listening.
And, of course, here are the “normal” reasons why you should go:
1. Our guide and shaman, Jorge Luis Delgado, is the absolute best. One of the most common things my people say is that going to Peru without Jorge would be like not experiencing Peru at all.
2. Peru is considered to be the spiritual center of the planet right now by the Dalai Lama. Need I say more?
3. We’ll be at Machu Picchu on the Solstice, doing ceremony.
4. You’ll be experiencing Peru with other like minded seekers. You’ll make friends that last a lifetime and experience these amazing places in a sacred way.
5. We take care of everything. From the time you land in Peru, you will love how absolutely everything is handled for you — wonderful hotels, fantastic food, all the transportation, you won’t have to think about anything except your own transformations.
6. The price is incredible. For everything that you receive on this trip, the price is amazing. Three flights within Peru, hotels, all transportation, all the amazing places we see, breakfast and dinner each day, admission to all the sites, being with Jorge Luis for 2 weeks, it’s fantastic. Just $5695 per person (double occupancy) – the Single Supplement (your own room) is $950.
7. A life changing journey. So many people over the years have told me the Peru trip changed their lives. Are you ready for a life changing transformation?
Join me on this trip of a lifetime.
For all the information on our incredible Day to Day Itinerary – Click here
For all the information on pricing – Click here
If you know you want to go, go ahead and make your deposit – Click here
If you have questions, please contact me at:
[email protected] – or call me at 877/204-3664 — I love talking about Peru!
Wishing you a week filled with adventure,

Debra Stangl / Founder

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Lisa says the Peru trip “was the trip of a lifetime and I am grateful and truly transformed.”

“If you’re looking for deep and meaningful travel that connects you to other amazing people, takes you way behind the scenes and most important, creates the space for a deep dive into yourself, Debra and Sedona Soul Adventures has it down. Had I attempted to navigate my recent trip to Peru on my own, I’m confident I would have only experienced about 30% of the true magic Peru has to offer. Because the trip was so well organized and our guides were so knowledgeable, we experienced things every day that other travelers, lost on their own or stuffed in a tour bus, never got to see or feel. It was the trip of a lifetime and I am grateful and truly transformed.” (That’s Lisa kneeling in the front row)

Lisa Sasevich
CEO, The Invisible Close

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Debra Stangl

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