"My Life Is Better Than Your Vacation"

My Life Is Better Than Your Vacation
Reflections on a Bali Bumper Sticker – from Tom Margrave

Wow! I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. I was driving on my scooter through the center of Ubud, in Bali, just past the Royal Palace. As I pulled up close to the minivan in front of me, just below the back window, I saw the bumper sticker: “My life is better than your vacation”.

How incredibly amusing, thought-provoking and smug, all at the same time! I continued to ponder the “bumper snicker” as I proceeded on my way. On the one hand, the statement was exceedingly arrogant. The person who placed the sticker obviously has no idea about the lives of those who will read it and therefore is in no position to make any such judgment.

On the other hand, however, it is also an expression of absolute confidence and sincere appreciation. Confidence that this person has such a wonderful life that it is better than anyone else’s – even their vacations. And appreciation because he knows it and wants to let everyone else know. He is not taking it for granted.

If we accept that the arrogance is really just in fun, then overall I think the bumper sticker is expressing a tremendously positive sentiment. How great would it be if we all felt that way about our lives? It sets a really high standard, doesn’t it?

As I pressed on, however, the mental gears continued to turn and another thought popped into my head. You know, as wonderful as this person thinks his life is, he has never had a Sedona Soul Adventures sacred travel experience – one of our vacations. And in particular he’s never experienced our Bali Sacred Spirit tour.

Each year in September it is my privilege and pleasure to introduce to an intimate group of like-minded spiritual adventurers the wonders and delights of Bali. And every year, after 12 blissful days of breath-taking beauty, joyful exploration, healing, self-discovery and amazing experiences in the heart-opening energies of Bali, I hear the same and similar expressions of appreciation and gratitude. “Amazing!” “Life-changing!” “Miraculous!” “Transformational!”

So how wonderful is it that a vacation can also be so life changing and transformational? It really IS the best!

I personally invite you to join us on this fun, transformational spiritual adventure and trip of a lifetime. Please feel free to ask me any questions about the tour. If you’d like more information, just hit REPLY.

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I hope to see you in this sacred, magical place.

Blessings from Bali,

Tom Margrave
Tour Leader

“My sacred journey to Bali was nothing short of miraculous. Bali felt like a homecoming for my soul. I felt a spiritual, emotional and physical balance that I had never felt before.”
Debra Bradford

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