Life Changed, Relationship Saved, Past Released, Heart Opened, New Path Found, Peace and Love - Sedona Soul Adventures

Life Changed, Relationship Saved, Past Released, Heart Opened, New Path Found, Peace and Love

As you know, we receive amazing testimonials from our clients all the time, but I have to say the ones we have gotten in the past few weeks have just been phenomenal. This one from Cindy is amazing – she came 4 years ago!! – and it really talks about everything we are doing with every client who comes to us.

As Cindy says:

  • Her Soul Adventure was life changing
  • She unleashed guilt and other negative emotions
  • 4 years later, she’s still using the techniques she received here
  • 4 years later, she’s still benefiting from insights she gained here
  • She’s done ongoing work with us and has been able to continue her progress even after her Soul Adventure
  • She’s been able to continue to move through blocks

But here’s the best one:

The long term effects of her Soul Adventure are still helping her 4 years later!

Isn’t that just the most amazing, wonderful thing? And that’s our goal – as I tell every single person I meet at the beginning of their Soul Adventure:

The most important thing for us is that you’re taking this home…
That you are implementing all of this into your day to day life…
That you are integrating this so that you not only maintain everything you receive here, it will continue to deepen.

Before I came to Sedona for the first time, I had read a zillion books, I had gone to therapy, and I had gone to bunches of group retreats, conferences and workshops. I found that I enjoyed them and while I was in attendance, I was hopped up and excited, but the minute I got home, I was always back to the same old stuff. Nothing ever really changed. And I now understand why.

None of that was ever dealing with the real problem – moving out the blocks and gunk, the wounds and scars, and the negative beliefs and stinkin’ thinkin’ that was the root cause of my unhappiness and discontent.

I knew from all my reading and listening to speakers at these workshops that I needed to love myself, I knew that was one of the keys. But I had no idea how to go about doing that. Especially when the truth was that I didn’t even like myself.

When I look at pictures of myself like this one of when I first came to Sedona, I see all the pain that’s hidden behind that smile. Every part of my life was a mess – I hated my work, I was in an unhappy marriage, I was in debt, and as you can see, I weighed 40 pounds more than I weigh now.

The biggest gift of my life has been working with these amazing Practitioners here in Sedona, moving through all the blocks and gunk, coming back into connection on all the levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. And even better, that for the past 20 years, I’ve been able to help other people do the same.

I spent 20 years divorcing people and now I’ve spent almost 20 years helping people stay together. Read this beautiful message from Autum and Brad:

How’s that for what you want from a Couples Retreat:

  • Releasing the burdens of the past
  • Getting new tools
  • Operating from love, truth and inner peace

The best part for me, has been to see how this process works and to see how it provides people with real and lasting change.

And to keep seeing that over and over again.

And Cindy also talks about another aspect of Sedona Soul Adventures that is so important and so unlike going to a workshop or a seminar – we provide ongoing support. Cindy did ongoing coaching with her wonderful coach, Christine, after she went home and now continues to touch base with her when she feels like she needs it. That ongoing support is so amazing and so important.

I love reading our testimonials so much (and remember these are third party reviews on Trustpilot, meaning Trustpilot sends out the request to the client, verifies the person is actually a client and maintains the reviews (unlike other websites where sometimes they are actually making up reviews – ours are verified). Look at this one from last week from Kendra:

Look at what Kendra received from her Soul Adventure:

  • A rebirth
  • She put the past behind her
  • She’s created a fresh start
  • She’s on a new path
  • Her heart is full of love
  • She knows she has the tools to be successful on her journey

Again, that last one is the one that’s most important – she does have the tools to not only maintain all this, but for it to continue to deepen and get even bigger, like it did for Cindy over a period of 4 years!

And then she says the best part – it was worth every penny. It’s not an inexpensive proposition to put all this together and to work one-on-one (or two-on-one for Couples) with Sedona’s Master Practitioners. But is it worth it? See how many of our reviews say this exact thing – it was worth every penny.

When I think about how much money I spent over the years on therapy, workshops, seminars, conferences, programs, etc. I could have had a down payment on a really nice house!! And it’s okay, those things got me to where I am, but what they finally got me to was Sedona – and working with the Masters here who changed my life.

And here’s a fabulous one from Penny (not her real name). She can’t believe what happened to her in 3 days! She was totally stuck, reeling from the worst heartbreak pain she’s had in her entire life and everything got changed around!

The other thing I’m loving lately is how powerful our One Day Soul Experiences and Virtual Experiences are

And she’s exactly right – if you are blown away by what happens in one day, can you even imagine what happens with a full blown retreat?!? In one day, she was able to get clarity and direction, just exactly what she needed.

And I love what Breezy says. Her Virtual Soul Experience was fabulous, giving her insight, guidance and direction for moving forward. She even feels she can build on this for the rest of her life!

I have to be honest and tell you that when we first started discussing doing the One Day Soul Experience, I was very hesitant because I know how totally life changing and transformational the full blown retreats are (the 3-5 day retreats). But then I remembered that 21 years ago when I first came to Sedona, I did one session, that was all, and it totally and completely changed my life forever! A lot can happen in One Day!

And I’ve said before, I was concerned about starting to do the retreats virtually once the pandemic hit. But again, we’ve discovered the retreats are just as powerful (what I like to say is “just as kick-ass!)

What I realized very quickly when the Virtual Retreats were so successful, is that energy is energy and our Practitioners are masters at connecting with that energy and utilizing and moving that energy with each person they work with, so it doesn’t matter if that person is in their healing space or their own living room at home, they’re going to connect you with that energy and make a transformation happen. Look at what happened here. She:

  • Let go of the past
  • Learned how to meditate
  • Learned how to use the breath for healing
  • Learned how to set boundaries with others so she can take care of herself
  • Learned how to shift her brain
  • Learned how to fill her heart with the love and energy of the Divine
  • Finally believes she is worthy of being the #1 person in her life
  • Filled her heart and soul with self love

Oh my Goddess, all that in 3 days and online!!

I’m so grateful for all these beautiful people who wrote these beautiful messages. If you’d like to read more go to our Trustpilot page or read lots more testimonials on our Website.

If you would like to have your life or relationship transformed, please give us a call. One of the things we keep hearing over and over again from the individuals and couples who are doing retreats with us, is that the pandemic has had a profound effect on them – they’re no longer willing to settle for the life or the relationship they had before.

Are you feeling that way? I know I am. What we are seeing is that life is too short. And it’s especially too short to settle. Nobody wants to settle any longer for a mediocre life. Nobody wants to settle any longer for a relationship that’s not nurturing them. And here’s the good news – you don’t have to settle! You can do something about it.

Give us a call and speak with one of our Angel Guides. They’ll dig deep to start the process of discovering and moving out the blocks and gunk that are holding you back from the life or relationship of your dreams. And then they’ll custom design the perfect retreat for YOU.

i want my transformation

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