Please get my NEW book on Wed. Oct 19 for just 99¢ [Get 6 Bonus Videos]

book-cover-7-angle-1-smallerMy first book is coming out Wednesday, October 19. I’ve worked on it for 6 years (!) and I’m hoping to make a splash (and specifically to make Amazon #1 Best Seller). I hope you and I have a good enough relationship after all these years that I can simply ask you to buy my book (for just 99¢) to help make that happen.
It’s called The Journey To Happy – How Embracing The Concept That Nothing Is Wrong Can Transform Your Life. It’s part memoir and part self help book – I tell the story of how I went from being an unhappy, stressed out, burned out divorce attorney who was $50,000 in debt, 40 pounds overweight, and in an unhappy marriage to happy, $50,000 dropping out of the sky, dropping 40 pounds (in 5 weeks without diet or exercise) and doing the work of my dreams with Sedona Soul Adventures. The best part is, then I tell you how you can do the same thing in every area of your life.
The book will be available for 99¢ for 3 days. After that it will be $9.99. To sweeten the deal, when you buy the book during the launch, I’m gifting you with 6 free bonus videos that I think will be of huge benefit to you:
1.    Embracing the Concept of Nothing Is Wrong (what it is, how it works)
2.    Get Happy Right Now (this works!)
3.    Find Out, Clear Out, Bliss Out (a proven process to happy!)
4.    Sedona Chakra Meditation (clear & balance your chakras)
5.    The 51% Rule (it’s easier to get happy than you might think)
6.    The Sedona Effect (find out how this can transform your life!)
Each of these gives you something you can do right now to get happier. And that’s my goal. If I can help you to feel just a little bit better, that will make me very happy!
I’m going to send you a short email on Tuesday as a reminder. And then I’ll send you another one on Wednesday so you can click and buy the book.
Thank you for help in bringing my book to the world.
Many blessings,

Debra Stangl / Founder

Sedona Soul Adventures – Transforming Lives One Soul At A Time
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