Strengthen Couples Through Spiritual Retreats

Couples retreat vacations are wonderful to experience because they entail a journey to rediscover each other. Not only does your relationship benefit, but individuals get to bring the connection to each other to a higher level. Generally, relationships have a natural cycle and understanding this can give an insight into why couples benefit from spiritual retreats.

Stages of Relationships and Spiritual Retreats

Generally, relationships have five stages. Except for the first and last stages, the other stages have the potential to break individuals apart if they do not find ways to overcome the challenges. Communication and understanding are critical factors in every stage and spiritual retreats often allow couples to have a deeper and meaningful dialogue in order to rediscover each other.
The first stage of every relationship is infatuation. It is the stage the euphoric and tingly feelings conquer each individual. It is when the surge of dopamine and endorphins are unstoppable. This is also the time when couples tend to ignore differences and only celebrate similarities. The next stage is the power struggle. This is where their personalities start to clash. This is when the differences that have been previously denied become startlingly obvious and start to annoy each other. Things here could end up ugly if the couple involved would not be able to learn how to compromise.
If the couple manages to stay strong despite their personal issues, they’ll probably be lucky enough to escalate to the third level which is reflection and re-assessment. This is the period when partners start to question if they are compatible enough to stay together or if it would be better for them to part ways. This is also the period when couples allow some independence to come into the relationship. If the pair survives the reality-check phase then then they will enter the fourth stage which is the commitment stage. Commitment continues to challenge the possibility of reconnecting or rekindling any intimacy and their sense of belongingness. The final stage is reconciliation and acceptance. During this stage, the couple has finally become astute individuals capable of sustaining a nurturing, supportive and loving relationship together. Mutual respect especially marks this phase and now both enjoy the freedom of a deeper connection. Activities such as couple retreat vacations will help each individual understand the other deeper and learn to keep the commitment strong amidst any unexpected changes.

Couple Retreats in Sedona

Over the years, Sedona Soul Adventures has been providing customized retreats to help couples reconnect with each other and themselves in order to strengthen their bond and rekindle the love that brought them together. Couple retreats also offer an opportunity for partners to have a deeper sense of themselves and the value of their relationship to each other. Generally, it aims to achieve the last stage of the relationship – reconciliation and acceptance. To find out more about couple’s retreats in Sedona, call Sedona Soul Adventures 877-204-3664 today.

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