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The Easiest (and Only Way) to Lose Weight

Well, it’s the Sunday after Thanksgiving, have you come out of your carb coma yet? Before I unlocked the secrets I talk about in this video, I hated holidays because it was so terrible for my yo-yo dieting.

I would diet and lose weight before the holidays and then during the holidays I would let myself eat and drink, and I would always gain it all back… and more. Sound familiar?

I sometimes still can’t believe I looked like this when I first started coming to Sedona.

Watch this video to hear about how I dropped 40 pounds in 5 weeks without diet or exercise. Learning how to love your body and dropping the resistance is truly the only diet that works!

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    Lately, I’ve been talking to you in my videos about a way of living your life, a way of being that can transform every area of your life, the concept of approaching everything from the knowing and the energy that Nothing is Wrong. And there’s almost no place where you can have more dramatic shifts with this than with your body, especially with weight. This area of my life was the one that took me so long to figure out and I spent so much time, energy, money, and heartache over hating my body – not so much hating it, as wanting it to be different.
    I struggled with my weight my entire life. This is how I looked in 1999 when I first started coming to Sedona. But when I finally really got this – when I got it that nothing is wrong with my body, when I figured out how to flip that switch — I released over 40 pounds in less than 5 weeks without diet or exercise, and that was almost 10 years ago. 
    My struggles with weight started very young. I was a dancer starting from the age of 3. I never had a dancer’s body, I was never tall and thin, and I have a very vivid memory of my body being criticized when I was 8 years old. I was put on my first diet when I was 12, even though when I look at pictures of myself back then, I wasn’t fat. In high school, my hormones started really kicking in, my father’s alcoholism really started kicking in, and I can see now that I was doing a lot of emotional eating. I gained 10 pounds in high school and I was on that yo-yo constantly after that.
    I have done everything – I’ve done every diet out there, I’ve gone vegan, I’ve gone raw, I’ve done Weight Watchers, NutriSystem, the Stillman Diet, the Dolly Parton Diet, the grape diet, I’ve bought every piece of exercise equipment, sold it and bought more. I’ve had personal trainers, I’ve had times in my life where I worked out every single day. I always would lose weight as long as I was starving myself and exercising like a maniac, but then the minute I would even think about eating “regular” food again, I would gain it all back and more. Does that sound familiar?
    Everything changed about 10 years ago. I was in the process of trying to really incorporate all these ideas that I’m talking to you about. I believed them in my head, but that wasn’t really enough. And then something happened, that really changed my life. I got into an argument with my then husband, I went home, started crying, got into bed, my body started vibrating to the point where I could not move… and as I laid there, I suddenly heard this voice in my head saying over and over again “there’s nothing wrong with you, there’s nothing wrong with you, there’s nothing wrong with you,” and then it was showing me how in every area of my life, that Nothing is Wrong and the first thing that I was being shown is that there is Nothing Wrong with my body, which at that point was pretty hard to swallow (pardon the pun), because I was 40 pounds overweight. I looked like that picture I showed you.
    I was suddenly just filled with this knowing that there was nothing wrong with my body and that the problem was my resistance to everything. I got out of bed and I made the decision, “I’m done.” “I’m just going to stop.” I was on a diet at the time and I just made the decision “I’m done.” This has to stop. The obsession had to stop. I threw up my hands. I gave in. I surrendered. I decided to stop all dieting, stop thinking about food all of the time, and stop the obsessive exercising.
    And I started eating what I wanted. I would check in with my body, and I would eat whatever I felt like eating. Sometimes that would be something that other people would define as “healthy,” like a green smoothie. Sometimes it would be an In ‘n Out cheeseburger and, of course, fries and a chocolate shake! I started to find that it seemed like I was fuller faster. I ate until I wasn’t hungry and very often left food on my plate because I was satisfied.
    I stopped the crazy exercising. I did still go on hikes with my dog, but that was because I just loved being out in nature in Sedona, and I loved hiking with my dog.
    Suddenly, 5 weeks later I went shopping for jeans and went for a size 14 — and they were way too big. At first I thought it was the brand. To my utter amazement, I was a size 6!
    I went home and weighed myself and saw that I had dropped 40 pounds.
    The key is Loving Your Body.
    Not wanting so desperately for your body to be different.
    It’s such a paradox. The minute I stopped going crazy about everything is when everything shifted.
    So let’s recap what we know so far from the other videos
    Everything is energy.
    You are creating your reality in every moment (whether you believe it or not).
    You are sending out energy and vibrations in every moment.
    Thoughts are things. Quantum Physics is proving that even focusing attention on something changes it.
    When we think about something, we get more of it.
    If we’re worried about something, we bring it faster.
    If we’re excited about something, we bring it faster.
    What we resist persists.
    What we fight gets bigger and bigger because we are pouring more and more energy into whatever it is that we are fighting.
    Our physical bodies are the most perfect and precise examples of this energy in action.
    So let’s talk about what you can start doing right now to move into this shift, to flip that switch.

    1. Stop telling yourself that something is wrong with your body. Stop talking about it, stop talking about how fattening food is, and stop discussing it with your friends and everyone else. My God, do you realize how much we talk about how much we hate our bodies and talk about food, and how fattening everything is, and how this is not healthy, and that’s not healthy, and no matter what I do, I can’t lose weight? Stop talking about it! You’re simply reinforcing it and making it more and more difficult. Instead, talk about the things that you like or appreciate about your body.
    2. Start checking in with your body to discover what it really wants to eat and examine your thoughts about what you are about to eat. If you think that something is going to make you gain weight, then it will. So don’t eat it. If you want to lose weight, then eat something that you think will make you lose weight. You will start to see shifts happen as you do this. It’s quite remarkable, and it starts to become fun to play with it.

    Start putting yourself in the mindset of feeling good about your body. Stop telling yourself that you hate your body or that you need to lose weight or that you want it to be different. Start actively and consciously loving your body.
    I hope I’m conveying the power of what can happen when you start loving your body. When I hated my body, I could go on every diet in the world and lose weight, but because I always thought and felt of myself as fat, the weight always came back. When I finally shifted that, everything changed. It can for you too.
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    Debra Stangl

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