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The Role of Communication in a Successful Marriage Retreat

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Effective communication is one of the most crucial components of any relationship. And when it comes to marriage, its importance is even greater. If you’re having issues communicating with your partner and want to be proactive about the future of your marriage, a marriage retreat may be your next best step. 

Marriage retreats are ideal for communication work, enabling you to explore essential skills through exercises and strategies that you can take home and work through on a daily basis. Let’s take a look at exploring communication skills on a marriage retreat.

Many of you know that I was a divorce attorney for 20 years and then I started Sedona Soul Adventures in 2002, so  I have a total of over 40 years experience of working with couples. One of the things I know for sure is that communication is one of the predictors for the happiness (or defeat) of your relationship. That’s why it’s such an important part of the marriage retreats we do. 

Understanding the Dynamics of Communication in a Marriage Retreat

How does verbal and non-verbal communication come into play during a couple’s marriage retreat?

In a marriage retreat, you’ll become aware of both your verbal language and younon-verbal communication, including body language, facial expressions, tone of voice, and other signals. Oftentimes, mixed or unclear non-verbal signals lead to confusion, tension, and conflict in a marriage. And very often, one or both parties don’t even realize they’re doing it!

Some of the challenges of effective communication in marriage include not fully listening, making assumptions, blaming, defensiveness, stonewalling, and verbalizing contempt for the other person. A retreat provides a safe space to identify those negative communication patterns and transform them into healthy, constructive ways of relating. 

By understanding your own communication style as well as your partner’s style, you can learn to express yourself clearly and compassionately. This leads to deeper intimacy and connection. On a retreat, you’ll gain tools to communicate your needs and emotions skillfully to your spouse.

Key Communication Skills for a Successful Marriage Retreat

What are the communication skills needed for a successful marriage?

Active listening is one of the most vital skills for improving communication in a marriage. On a retreat, you’ll learn the fundamentals of active listening, which involves being fully present and engaged with your partner, making eye contact, avoiding distractions, reflecting back what you heard, asking clarifying questions, and withholding judgment. Practicing active listening leads to greater mutual understanding.

Other key skills include owning your feelings using “I” statements, validating your partner’s perspective even when disagreeing, compromising, and being assertive but not aggressive. A retreat gives you and your partner tools to communicate with empathy, vulnerability, and care.  Speaking in terms of “when this happens, I feel this….” as opposed to “you make me so angry”, can make a huge difference.

Some tips for gaining communication skills for a successful marriage include:

  • Learn each other’s love languages
  • Practice mirroring and paraphrasing 
  • Ask open-ended questions
  • Adopt a beginner’s mindset, without assumptions
  • Be curious, not judgmental
  • Listen to understand, not to respond

Therapy techniques such as motivational interviewing and Gottman’s repair attempts can also be incorporated into exercises at a marriage retreat to enhance communication between spouses. The goal is to exit the retreat with practical methods to deepen connection through improved verbal and non-verbal communication.

Communication Exercises and Activities for a Marriage Retreat

What are some communication exercises and activities that can be incorporated into a couple’s marriage retreat?

There are many interactive exercises that can be used during a retreat to promote mindful communication between partners:

  • Active listening, where partners take turns sharing and summarizing
  • Written letters expressing appreciation and gratitude
  • Creating art, music, or poetry together
  • Mirroring each other’s body language and facial expressions
  • Roleplaying various scenarios and using new techniques
  • Eye gazing while describing non-verbal observations
  • Validating each other’s perspectives, even in disagreement
  • Practicing repair attempts and reconciliation after an argument

How do certain exercises promote effective communication?

For example, eye gazing builds awareness of non-verbal signals, while roleplaying helps couples apply new techniques in a safe space. Written letters and art activities tap into creativity and emotional expression.

The right combination of exercises, tailored to each couple’s needs, can lead to breakthroughs in how spouses relate and communicate. A skilled Practitioner designs an experience with activities to foster vulnerability, empathy, self-discovery, and conflict resolution in service of better communication.

On a marriage retreat, you’ll have focused time and space to practice communicating with presence. The beautiful, tranquil setting relaxes the mind and body, while the removal of everyday distractions allows you to be fully available to your partner. 


If you want to gain a deeper understanding of your communication patterns and learn techniques to foster intimacy in your marriage, a customized retreat may be the perfect solution. Sedona Soul Adventures offers private marriage retreats and couples retreats designed specifically around your goals, incorporating communication exercises facilitated by master practitioners surrounded by the red rocks of Sedona. Discover how to heal your relationship from the inside out. Contact us today to get started on your personalized marriage retreat!

Did you know we were named “Best Marriage Retreats in the US” for 2015-2023? It’s because our marriage retreats work!

Our retreats focus on supporting you and your spouse in uncovering your deepest truths. Through our unique methodology, you’ll learn to articulate your innermost feelings and needs, finally being seen and heard by your partner. We leverage alternative healing modalities combined with communication techniques to create breakthroughs. You’ll walk away with a renewed sense of hope and tools to continue growing together.

Invest in your marriage today. Sedona Soul Adventures’ customized retreats deliver lasting benefits by teaching you to communicate from an authentic, loving place. Your journey to connect more deeply with your spouse in the sacredness of Sedona awaits.


Debra Stangl

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