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The ways we shoot ourselves in the foot (including me)

I love the expression “shooting yourself in the foot”. Could it be any more graphic? In that situation, you are loading, aiming and firing and doing something that is so destructive that is going to affect you for the rest of your life.
I do a session each week with my coach. I’m a huge believer in coaching, I’m a coach myself and because I believe in it so strongly I have my own coach. I also have a personal trainer, because I know that the best way for me to make absolutely sure I do what I say I’m going to do, is to set that appointment and never, ever break it. When I’m feeling off, I do a session with one of our amazing practitioners here at Sedona Soul Adventures because it always brings me back to where I need to be.
But this week, I was Debbie Downer with my coach. There was a particular problem we were discussing and because of it, I wasn’t in a good mood when we started the call. Every suggestion she was giving me, every insight she was providing was met with a “no” or “I’ve tried that” or a smug “I already know that”.
Suddenly she sagely said to me “Debra, why are you choosing to shoot yourself in the foot? It’s okay with me if you want to do that, but why are you choosing that?”
It was just the wake up call I needed. It hit me that here I am Miss Positive Thinking, the big believer of “you create your own reality”, but I wasn’t doing what I tell everyone else to do (gosh, it’s so easy to tell everyone else what to do and sometimes so difficult to do it ourselves). I was choosing to stay stuck, choosing to stay negative and worse, I was wallowing in it.
In that one moment, it all flipped around. Within minutes of stopping my “stinkin’ thinkin”, the problem was solved in my head and within hours I received confirmation that it had been completely taken care of and handled in a way that was much more perfect than I had originally hoped.
Do you shoot yourself in the foot? Are there things going on in your life where the real problem is how you’re looking at something or someone? Is this thing you’re calling a problem really a problem? Or is it just the way you’re thinking about it? Could it be that if you looked at it from a different perspective it might all change around?
In this situation, I was judging myself harshly and holding myself to an impossible standard. Do you ever do that? What would happen if you took yourself off the hook?
Or are you demanding that a particular situation or a particular person has to be a particular way in order for you to be happy? What would happen if you took them off the hook?
There are two things I particularly like about this story. The first is, how things can turn around in an instant. The second is that we all need help sometimes. For the difficult things in life, very often we can’t handle them all by ourselves. We need to reach out.
If you’re finding that there are times when you’re shooting yourself in the foot and you can’t seem to stop, maybe it’s time to reach out for some help. That’s what I did and the results were almost miraculous.
It’s amazing what can happen when we’re able to shift things around. And that’s what happens so incredibly during a Sedona Soul Adventures retreat. We get to the root of the problem and then shift it around. If you’re tired of shooting yourself in the foot, if you are wanting to live your best life or have the relationship of your dreams, come to Sedona to do a retreat.
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Wishing you a week filled with easy riding,

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Melissa says she’s “a different person” after her Sedona Soul Adventure
“I’m writing to you as a different person today than I was a week ago. I had so many amazing “ah ha” moments and I now have a permanent smile on my face just KNOWING that I am on my path to my true purpose.”

Melissa W., Spring Grove, Illinois

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