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Use this 3 week Mercury in Retrograde to your advantage

Mercury just went retrograde on May 19 and it continues until June 11. Many of you who read this newsletter know that many people believe you shouldn’t do anything during the times when Mercury is retrograde, that you shouldn’t even leave the house or communicate with anyone! It’s not true! This is a particularly potent time during the next three weeks and there are things you can do to alleviate the so-called “negative” aspects of this time and definitely things you can do to enhance your life during this time. And below I’ll even tell you how it’s affecting you in your own personal sign and what you can do about it.

What is Mercury in Retrograde?

For those of you who don’t know about Mercury in retrograde, this is an astrological phenomenon that happens three or four times per year, usually for about 3 weeks. It occurs when Mercury appears from the Earth to be moving backwards (retrograde). Of course, the planet doesn’t actually move backwards. As with all things that appear negative or bad, this is an illusion. And it’s the illusions in our lives that seem to cause all the trouble, don’t they?
I don’t believe that astrology determines absolutely what is or is not going to happen to us. It’s information that we can use to rise above the so called negative aspects and enhance the positive aspects.

The downside of Mercury in Retrograde

The downside of Mercury retrograde, is that it can be a time of confusion and self doubt. It’s a time when we can feel very scattered and even defeated. It’s a time when communications can be misunderstood. It can be a time when computers go completely haywire. Because of the confusion and misunderstandings that can occur during this time, it’s usually a good idea to not sign contracts or make really important life decisions. Travel plans can be changed or not go as we expect.

The upside of this Mercury in retrograde

Here’s the good part — what Mercury retrograde is really calling us to do is to become VERY CONSCIOUS about everything we are doing in our lives. To be very conscious and present in our communication. To make sure that we are saying what we mean and that the other person understands us. To be present.
And because this Mercury retrograde occurs in Gemini there are some especially delicious things that can occur. People from your past who have a strong connection to you and importance in your life could suddenly be back in your life again. Also, if there is some writing you have been doing that you had forgotten about or let go of, now is the time to bring it out again. Traveling to some place where you have never been or where you haven’t gone for a long time could also be especially rewarding.
What Mercury retrograde is absolutely best for is to be used as a time for going within. This is a time to reflect on your past and on past decisions. Because this is in Gemini, you could find that when you bring up some part of your past and really reflect on it, new awarenesses could bring you into amazing clarity and creativity. You might become aware of desires and skills you didn’t even know you possess. When brought into the light, you will find you have a new sense of power around what you really want.

How this Mercury in retrograde will affect your sign

Below I have specific information for your specific sign. There’s information on what to be careful about, to be conscious about and also how you can specifically benefit during these next three weeks:
Aries: Be conscious about communications in general but especially with your work and with health related issues.
Benefits: An excellent time to bring out something you’ve written or thought about writing.
Taurus: Be conscious about communications with loved ones and also with financial matters.
Benefits: New ideas about how you can do work that you love that will be financially viable could come in now. Don’t act on them yet, but really examine your heart’s desires.
Gemini: Be conscious of how you come across to other people, don’t be rushed into making any important decisions, especially with your family.
Benefits: Take this time to reflect on the people in your life who uplift you and those who don’t. Make more efforts to really connect with other people.
Cancer: Be conscious of your intuition and how you use it. Be very aware of your own privacy needs.
Benefits: Really examine the past, but do it with yourself and don’t involve others. What are past hurts that you need to let go of now?
Leo: Be conscious about your personal finances and don’t start anything new on that front.
Benefits: People from your past could appear and this is a perfect time to know who you want in your life and who you don’t want in your life.
Virgo: Be conscious about how you communicate with regard to your work and with the public, as there can be misunderstandings that occur.
Benefits: This is an excellent time to really delve into your life purpose. Are you living it? What’s holding you back? Spend some time in deep reflection, you may be amazed at what you discover.
Libra: Be conscious about communications with legal problems and travel.
Benefits: This is your time to re-examine the past. Are there hurts that need to be healed? Do you need to forgive yourself for some part of your past?
Scorpio: Be conscious about shared financial situations and how sexuality and intimacy are showing up in your life.
Benefits: This is a perfect review time for Scorpio, to really go within and see what parts of your life are working and what parts aren’t. Don’t take action yet, just sit with it and feel it.
Sagittarius: Be conscious about your communications with a close partner, either in business or romantically, as misunderstandings can occur.
Benefits: Spend some time in reflection about your partnerships. Are they serving you? How can they be improved? Journaling about this can be particularly helpful for you.
Capricorn: Be conscious about contracts, travel and communications with co-workers. Be especially conscious around your health and your daily routine.
Benefits: This is a very potent time to make refinements to every area of your life. Look at ways you can improve your health and make your work more enjoyable and beneficial.
Aquarius: Be conscious about your communications with lovers and children. Also, be very aware of your tax situation and your sources of income.
Benefits: Really reflect on your romantic relationship. Is it serving you? How can it be improved? Don’t take action to end things now, instead focus on what you really want and implement that when Mercury goes direct on June 11.
Pisces: Be conscious with your communications with partners and your family and home. Not a good time to buy real estate or to move.
Benefits: An excellent time to clear out clutter in your home.
Don’t be afraid of Mercury in retrograde. Use this as a time of deep reflection on all the areas of life. Don’t make rash decisions or judgments, go within, see what feels good and reflect on that.
You could actually come out of this time period really knowing for the first time that YOU are the one in control of your own destiny.
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Wishing you a week filled with things moving forward!
Many blessings,

Debra Stangl / Founder

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