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Vicki’s life-long problem was solved in 3 days on her At Home Retreat

It’s so amazing what’s happening right now with our retreats. We have people coming to Sedona and we have people doing At Home Retreats. I have to be honest, when we first started doing the At Home Retreats, I was worried – could they really deliver the same kind of transformations?

I’m happy to say, the answer has been a resounding YES from the very beginning! And I should have known better than to have doubted, because of how our Proven Process works:

  • We’re finding and moving out the old, gunky energy that’s holding you back
  • Bringing in the new energy of connection on all the levels (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual); and
  • Giving you the tools so you can keep on doing that over and over again.

We do all this utilizing the powerful, transformational energy of Sedona and that’s the part I shouldn’t have doubted:

All my practitioners are such Masters at utilizing this energy
and moving this energy into everyone they work with,
so it doesn’t matter whether you’re in their healing space or your own living room.

Look at what happened with Vicki:

By Day Three of her At Home Adventure, we had figured out what was underneath this problem that had plagued her from the time she was a little girl. We moved out that energy, brought her into connection, gave her the tools and by Day 4, the problem is handled and even more importantly, she says she knows now how to handle the problem from now on.

Isn’t that fantastic? Find it, clear it, stay in connection, that’s what we do over and over. Our Process is so powerful and it pretty much works every single time!

And I absolutely love this message from Pam about her At Home Soul Adventure:

Look at what happened to her during her At Home Retreat:

  • She moved a tremendous amount of Gunk out of her life and her energy
  • She feels free from her past
  • She feels forever changed
  • She’s happier than she’s ever been

And as Pam says, DO IT NOW! This is one of the things we keep seeing over and over again in the retreats we are doing right now. With the pandemic, everyone is coming to us saying things like:

“Life is too short for me to live an unhappy life.”
“I’ve got to do something about this now.”
“We have to change the way we do our relationship. I love him/her, but we can’t keep living like this, things have to change.”

The pandemic has made almost all of us really take a look at our lives and our relationships. And everyone I’m talking to feels this need, this urge, to really start living their best lives. And nobody wants to wait another year or so to make that happen — and you don’t need to!

We don’t have control over the virus. We don’t have control over lockdowns, shutdowns and restaurants closing, and places going out of business.

But do you know what you DO have control over? You have control over how you’re going to react to things and you have control over whether you’re going to feel great or feel lousy.

It might not feel that way right now. When we’re still all full of gunk and negative energy and old wounds and hurts from the past, we don’t think we have control over anything, much less our negative thoughts and feelings. But I’m here to tell you, just like with what happened with Pam, when you clear out all that old gunk and old energy, you’re happier and you’re excited for each new day.

Wouldn’t it be great to feel excited and happy again?

People are also telling us they especially love doing the At Home Retreats, because they get to stay home in their familiar surroundings, have their dog with them, wrap themselves in their cuddly blanket, all adding to the experience.

And don’t get me wrong, the At Home Retreats are fabulous, but coming to Sedona is also wonderful. We are following CDC Guidelines, we’ve been open again since May 15 and everyone has been safe and happy. Look what happened for Sarah who was just here last week:

Sarah came to us:

  • Confused
  • Drained
  • Not knowing what to do in her life
  • Feeling unworthy and unloved

After her Soul Adventure she feels:

  • Rejuvenated
  • Full of life
  • Positive
  • Full of self love
  • Understanding herself on a deeper soul level
  • Opened up to a whole new way of thinking and being

How would you like to feel rejuvenated and full of life and positivity? Wouldn’t that be fantastic? Especially after all the stuff that’s gone on this year?

Give us a call and speak with one of our Angel Guides. They’ll connect with you and start the process of figuring out what’s holding you back from having the life or the relationship of your dreams. And then they’ll custom design a retreat of private one-on-one or two-on-one sessions (for couples) designed to take you from where you are to where you want to be.

Remember, there’s no cost or obligation to speak with an Angel Guide and you can do your Soul Adventure in-Sedona or from the comfort of your own home with your cuddly blanket.

Call us today at 928-204-5988 or Click here and we’ll call you.

Would you like to speak to someone today about doing a Soul Adventure?
We’re even open on Sunday, because we’re here for you!
And remember, there’s no cost or obligation.

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egypt banner

Join us for our Return To Egypt Tour
Plus We Need A Female Roommate
February 13-26, 2021

I’m getting so excited about the Egypt trip! And we also need a female roommate — could that be you?


Luckily, unlike here in the United States, the COVID numbers in Egypt are very low. Their tourist season is underway and in fact, one of my friends was just there with a group and had a fabulous time! Also, Egypt is requiring everyone to have a negative COVID test 72 hours before entering the country. That’s one of the ways they’re keeping it under control.

We have one of our people who would like a roommate (female). That will save you the $1200 cost of having your own room in the hotels and on the Nile Cruise. Could that be you?

Can you believe this is going to be my 21st trip to Egypt?!? It’s just astounding, and I have to say I’m so incredibly excited about this next trip, it’s like it’s the first time all over again!

We go to all the must see places:

  • The Great Pyramid (where we’ll have 2 hours of private time for ceremony just for our group)
  • The Sphinx
  • Karnak
  • Luxor
  • Abu Simbel

But we’ll also be going to places the average tourist doesn’t always see:

  • Isis Temple at Philae
  • Temple of Abydos
  • Hathor Temple at Dendera
  • Horus Temple at Edfu
  • The Osirion
  • Temple of Kom Ombo

And Guardian Travel has made special arrangements for us to see:

egypt wall paintings
  • The Tomb of King Tut in the Valley of the Kings
  • The Tomb of Seti I in the Valley of the Kings
  • The Tomb of Queen Nefertari in the Valley of the Queens! (this photo)
King Tut Mask

To see the actual tomb and the mummy of King Tutankamun is so amazing. We will also see the treasures of the tomb in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. King Seti I’s tomb is absolutely spectacular and Queen Nefertari’s tomb (she was the favorite wife of Ramses II) has been called, “The Sistine Chapel of Egypt.” Very few people are allowed to see these tombs, so this is a very special part of our trip this year.


Plus, one of the most important parts of this trip is doing ceremonies and meditations, and really connecting with the energy of this sacred place. Can you imagine having two hours of private time just for our group inside the Great Pyramid? This is on the last day of our trip and it’s always astonishing, and one of the major parts of this life-changing trip.


We’ll also be discussing the alternative theories of ancient Egypt that our tours are famous for, including who built the Pyramids, who built the Sphinx (and when) and why are there carvings of a helicopter, a tank and a submarine in the walls of the Temple of Abydos? Can you see them in this photo?

And just the way we do everything!

two pyramids and pool
  • We stay in 5-star hotels; our hotel in Cairo is the fabulous Mena House, which is right next to the Pyramids.
  • For 5 days we cruise the Nile on our 5-star cruise ship.
  • The food is fantastic.
  • Everything is completely taken care of for you – each day is beautifully planned.

And we just have fun. Here’s a picture from our galabaya night on our cruise ship when we dress like an Egyptian (fun fact: these two wonderful people (Pete and Kirsty) met on the Egypt trip, married one year later and now have two children!).

Amazing things happen on this trip!

The price is virtually all-inclusive. It includes:

  • Round trip air from JFK
  • 3 flights in Egypt
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner each day
  • 5-star hotels
  • 5-day, 5-star Nile Cruise
  • All transportation
  • Admission to all sites
  • Our Egyptian guide (who reads hieroglyphics!)
  • Tips for hotel and wait staff

The only things that aren’t covered are your beverages and flight to New York and, of course, shopping.

And speaking of shopping, that will be even more incredible this year. Currently the conversion rate of the US dollar is incredible. The conversion rate is 15.1 to 1, meaning 15 Egyptian pounds per American dollar. This is a major difference from the past few years when the exchange rate was 3 to 1. This incredible rate is going to mean unbelievable shopping in Egypt this year. Egypt is well known for gold and silver jewelry, papyrus, alabaster, hand blown glass, perfumes and oils, and hand made rugs made of cotton, wool or silk. This is going to be even more spectacular this year.

And to go on a journey like this with like-minded travelers – it’s just the icing on the cake. Don’t be concerned if you don’t have a companion to travel with – our groups are typically in love with each other within 48 hours, making friends that last a lifetime. And if you want a roommate, we can probably arrange that for you.

If you want to look at all the details on the trip:


And while you’re on our web page, watch my brief video on what makes the trip so special.

For information on the Day to Day Itinerary – Click Here

For all the information on Pricing – Click Here

If you already know you want to go, Click here to place your deposit.

jane schafer testimonial

If you have any questions about our trip, send me an email at: [email protected]

Or feel free to give me a call. Here’s how:

  • Cell: 1-928-301-2896
  • Office toll-free: 1-877-204-3664 (US and Canada)
  • Outside the US and Canada: 001 928-204-5988

Or Click here and I’ll call you – I love talking about Egypt!

I hope you’ll join me on this trip of a lifetime!

Wishing you a week filled with excitement for things to come!

Debra Stangl

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