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Want to Live Longer? This Will Surprise You

Are you tired of being told how you have to eat nothing but kale and constantly exercise like an Olympian in order to live longer?

Watch my video to find out what’s The Most Important Thing You Can Do for living longer — the best part is, it’s fun and it’s based on scientific studies!

Being optimistic, being happy and staying positive can be really difficult if you’re actually feeling upset, anxious and unhappy. If you need to turn that around, please call us. We will clear the blocks and gunk that are creating the problems (they’re probably different than you think!), and move you back into connection and back into the happiness and peace that are your birthright.

Call us now – Your life depends on it!

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Today I’m going to ask you some stupid questions:

Would you like to…  

  • Live longer?
  • Be happier as you’re living longer?
  • Be more concerned about being happy than about maintaining a perfect weight or exercising all the time?

I’m assuming that for most of you out there, the answers to those questions is a resounding “yes.” If it is, you might want to listen to this…

One of the things I’ve really gotten into in the last few years is studying Brain Chemistry. I’ve read lots and lots of books and articles on it, especially about how our “Reality” can be shifted and changed. What I love is that they’re written by scientists and doctors, and their conclusions are about as metaphysical as you can get.

What scientists are proving now is that people with a positive attitude live longer.

  • A study at Yale University study followed 660 people for up to 23 years that were aged 50 and older. The ones who had a more positive outlook about getting older lived 7 years longer than those who had a negative outlook about it. Here’s my favorite part: the Positive Attitude had a greater impact than Cholesterol levels, Weight, smoking, blood pressure or exercise. All the things that everyone tells us to be worried about. People need to be more worried about not being so worried.
  • A Mayo Clinic study followed 800 people for more than 30 years and found that people with a positive attitude (they termed them Optimists) lived longer than pessimists, and in another Mayo Clinic study at about the same time (following 447 people for over 30 years), the optimists felt happier, calmer and more peaceful most of the time. And they experienced less pain and felt more energetic.
  • A Duke University study of 866 heart patients found that the people who experienced more positive emotions lived on average 11 years longer than those who habitually experienced more negative emotions.
  • A study at Johns Hopkins study concluded that a positive attitude offers the best protection against heart disease, especially for people whose family history includes heart attacks or strokes. Their conclusion was that a positive attitude made a bigger difference than diet and exercise! 

It’s all about your attitude. Are you generally happy or unhappy? Optimistic or pessimistic? Do you complain…a lot? Do you get frustrated…a lot? Do you get angry often?

Or do you feel kind of ornery a lot of the time? (I love that word – my mother used to use that word all the time.)

Are you experiencing Joy and Happiness in your life?

Isn’t it wild that scientists and doctors are now proving that being happy and positive has a bigger impact on living longer and living a more healthy life than diet, exercise and keeping your cholesterol down?

I’m not saying don’t be mindful about what you eat and I’m not saying don’t exercise. What I’m saying is, you’ve got to find a way to go from unhappy to happy, from pessimistic to optimistic. Your life depends on it!

So how do you go from unhappy to happy? From generally pessimistic to generally optimistic?

What changed everything for me in my life was coming to Sedona for the first time. Many of you know my story: when I first came here, 20 years ago, I was in a really bad place in my life — hated my work, 40 pounds overweight, $50,000 in debt. 

I definitely wasn’t living my best life and my general outlook was very pessimistic. That all started to turn around after I came here for the first time and three years later, I started Sedona Soul Adventures.

You can turn your life around and enjoy a happier, more wonderful and longer life. Watch my other videos that talk about simple things you can do to get happier.  

Read my book…that will talk to you about getting happy in all the areas of your life and gives you nine different processes that you can use to shift things around.

Even better, think about coming out to Sedona to do a retreat, either a personal retreat or a Couples retreat.  

We custom design all our retreats for each individual or couple. We spend time talking to you before you come, really getting to the root causes of what’s keeping you from your joy. 

Your retreat will be one-on-one private sessions (not in groups) with some of the most incredible and experienced practitioners here in Sedona (we have over 50!). Your retreat will clear out the gunk and blocks that are holding you in disconnection and then we’ll bring you back into connection on all levels — physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

When you’re living your life in connection, you automatically come from a place of happiness and optimism. And as the scientists are now proving, that can lead to a longer and happier life.

I hope this helped, and if you got value from this video, please take the time to like it, share it with someone in your life who think might get something out of it, subscribe to our channel.

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You can have the life  AND the relationship you want – I know it.

Debra Stangl

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