Wayne Dyer and me and 9/11

This past week, Wayne Dyer passed away. I started to write this newsletter to say that his work had a huge impact on my life and on the creation and formation and continuation of Sedona Soul Adventures. But in looking at the publication dates of his books, I’ve been absolutely stunned at the connections between his books and my life and Sedona Soul Adventures and 9/11, the anniversary of which is Friday.
What I loved about him was that he went from essentially a pop psychologist with his first book  “Your Erroneous Zones” and from there went on to write some of the most amazing books on spirituality. It felt to me like his journey and progression was a mirror of my own, but now I’m realizing how directly his books must have been helping to guide me all these years:
• I read “Your Erroneous Zones” when it came out in 1976. I was in law school at the time and it made me re-think my approach to life.
• In 1980, he wrote “The Sky’s The Limit” and talked about taking charge of your life and becoming a no limit person. I was a practicing attorney at the time and I really embraced his ideas about living a life that mattered.
• In 1992, he wrote “Real Magic: Creating Miracles in Your Life”. The previous year, 1991, was when I truly re-embraced the spiritual awakening that had happened to me in 1978 and made the decision to live a more spiritually-based life. It seems like that’s when he started pulling out all the stops on writing about spirituality.
• In 1994, he wrote the book that I think influenced me the most “Your Sacred Self”. At that time I was really embracing the idea that we are all spiritual beings having a physical experience and in that book he taught me how to connect with my High Self.
• In 1999, he wrote “Wisdom of the Ages: 60 Days to Enlightenment”. That was the year I came to Sedona for the first time and knew I had to change my life. I closed my law practice and started coming to Sedona regularly doing sessions with the amazing practitioners here.
This one is the most shocking to me. His book, “There’s a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem” was published on August 21, 2001. I know I bought it right away and read it. I have always told the story that 2 weeks before 9/11, I had the vision that came to me that told me it was time to move to Sedona. That would have made it one week after the publication of that book! I moved to Sedona in October, 2001 and started Sedona Soul Adventures on July 4, 2002.
And, of course, that is the foundation of Sedona Soul Adventures — that there is a spiritual solution to every problem.
I have always told people how much Wayne Dyer has influenced me, but I never realized until today how close the connections were. It’s giving me goose bumps.
What a huge help is must have been for the planet for those words of his to be out in the mass consciousness when 9/11 happened. Is it a coincidence that book was published 3 weeks before 9/11? As Freud says, there are no accidents.
Since 2001, all his books have been a mirror and inspiration for what we help people do here:
“10 Secrets For Success & Peace”
“Excuses Be Gone!”
“Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life”
“Wishes Fulfilled”
The other weird thing is that I always thought I was going to meet him in this lifetime, particularly because over the years there were 5 Sedona Soul Adventures clients (that I know about) who after I recommended a particular book of his to them, they ended up meeting him!
The most incredible of these was over 11 years ago, a woman called us from Toronto about doing a Sedona Soul Adventures retreat. As I spoke with her, I saw an image in my mind of the cover of his book “You’ll See It When You Believe It”. She had never heard of Wayne Dyer. I told her she should get that book as soon as possible.
This woman doesn’t drive, so she took a long taxi ride to a book store in Toronto, went to the metaphysical section and there was Wayne Dyer! He was speaking in Toronto that evening. She told him the story and he asked her to come to the event as his guest. At the event, he called her to the stage to tell her story! She then became friends with his fiancé! She came to do a Soul Adventure and it was completely life changing for her.
What a deep and abiding gratitude I have for this amazing being. I knew I was deeply indebted to him, but these close connections take my breath away. Thank you, Wayne Dyer, for all the millions of people you have helped and will continue to help. And thank you for the help you’ve given me to do a little bit of the same.
There really is a spiritual solution to every problem. No matter what problem you have in your life right now, it can be solved. I like to think that the work we do here at Sedona Soul Adventures is to help people realize that, clear out the gunk that is holding them back and then give them the tools they need in their day to day life to really live that. Reading Wayne Dyer’s books made me believe I could change my life; coming to Sedona and working with the amazing practitioners here made it possible for me to actually do that and have that.
If you believe (even a little) that things can be different in your life, I urge you to contact us. You can have the happiness and joy that is your birthright. You can come back into connection with your partner, no matter what has happened. I know it, because I’ve seen it over and over again.
Contact us and speak to one of our Angel Guides (they’re the ones who put the retreats together). They’ll connect with you (or both of you if it’s a couple); they’ll figure out the blocks that are holding you back and design a retreat that will bring you into the life and relationship that you’re craving.
Click here and one of our Angel Guides will call you. Or if you’d prefer, call us toll free at 1-877-204-3664 (US and Canada). For our friends outside the US and Canada call 01 928-204-5988 or click here and one of our Angel Guides will call you.
Wishing you a week filled with you embracing Your Sacred Self,

Debra Stangl / Founder

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Jackie says she was “transformed” by her Soul Adventure
“My Sedona Soul Adventure transformed me. I arrived confused, hurt and deeply sad. But I left feeling alive, connected and with a plan.”

Jackie D., Ellicott City, Maryland

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