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When Ya Gotta Go, Ya Gotta Go

One of my favorite things that we are able to do here at Sedona Soul Adventures is to put together incredible custom-designed retreats really quickly when someone needs it.

This past week, 5 of the people who came to do retreats (1 individual and 2 couples) contacted us only 2-3 days before they came. Last week we had someone who called and said, “I’ve finally decided I have to come and I have to come tomorrow!”

Every single time, we are able to deliver an amazing, incredible, life-changing, relationship-saving retreat! I love it!

“My Sedona Soul Adventures retreat was really an extraordinary experience. The network of practitioners are highly experienced and are deeply committed to nurturing your spiritual development. The staff are quite adept at creating an adventure that perfectly aligns with what your heart needs and desires at this point in your life. Due to a unique life situation, I was only able to request an adventure within 24 hours. I was amazed at how quickly the team mobilized. Not only did I experience deep healing but gained profound insights at the soul level that will forever change my life experience. I’m so thrilled that I made this investment in myself. I was sad to leave Sedona but I have treasures that will last a lifetime.”
~ Bill H., Bothell, Washington

Do we prefer to have a few weeks notice? Of course, it makes it easier on our staff, especially if they have to start moving some things around. But honestly, I kind of love the last-minute retreats the most and I’ve noticed that for many of those people their retreats are 110% amazing, rather than 100%.

There’s something about running with that energy. There’s something that happens when you hit that place where you realize, “I have to do something and I have to do it now!”

Joanna gave us only 48 hours notice and found clarity:

“My soul adventure was a great experience and just what I needed. I was amazed with the quality of adventure they put together for me on a 48 hr notice. I would recommend Sedona Soul Adventures to anyone looking for clarity in their lives.”
~ Joanna D., Chicago, Illinois

I’ve had so many people tell me that they have wanted to do a Soul Adventure for such a long time (one person said it was over 15 years!), but they just kept putting it off, telling themselves, “someday.”

But then, like with Laura, suddenly they “know” they have to do it:

“In June, I found your web site through a google search I sent the link to myself in an email and kept it in my “keep as new” box for months knowing that it was something I wanted to do when the time was right. I thought of it often until I woke up from a dream about the adventure the morning of September 28th knowing that “now is the time.” My initial call with my Soul Guide was more than I could have hoped for – she asked me prompting questions, listened to my answers and made me feel very comfortable every step of the way. She managed to “fast track” my experience and I arrived in Sedona 4 days later! The retreat she developed suited my desires perfectly and added to my journey of spiritual growth in ways that I could not have done without her understanding of what I was seeking. Every one at Sedona Soul Adventures enhanced my journey beyond all my expectations! Thank you from the bottom of my heart”
~ Laura K., West Hollywood, California

Another thing people always say to me is, “I wish I would have done this years ago.” I always tell them that everyone comes when they’re supposed to come – it’s true every single time.

But it is interesting to see someone like Ginger who came here from a foreign country in 2 days and found relief from turmoil that had plagued her for a lifetime:

“Debra and the gang were able to organize a 6 day Soul Adventure for me within 2 days and I traveled in from a foreign country! I made a leap of faith, and Sedona Soul Adventures was my net. I have realized and cleared things about myself in one week that I have not been able to figure out in a lifetime of tears and turmoil! I am so blessed to have found this group of people who helped me find myself, and who don’t want anything else from you but your own personal peace. It is the most life changing experience I never knew I could have hoped to have.. If you don’t give this gift to yourself, give this as a gift to someone you love! Thank God for the internet and all the Angels at Sedona Soul Adventures”
~ Ginger P., Santa Ana Costa Rica

Another interesting thing that happens is that when people go home after their adventure, their spouses, friends and co-workers see the incredible changes and then call us and say, “I want some of that!”

Like Mike, whose wife came to us completely broken from taking care of her dying mother and problems with her adult daughter and went home a new person. She said, “This was the best money I ever spent on myself.”

Mike called us and started his retreat 3 days later. He gave this testimonial one year later and told us how his life has shifted:

“It is true, the experiences I had at Sedona Soul Adventures did stick with me. I learned to meditate here, I had never meditated before. I meditate now and I find it very calming and helpful in dealing with the day to day stress of life now. I just do a different way than I did in the past. The other experiences I had brought me onto a different path in the way I view certain parts of my life. I look at things differently than I did before more spiritually, because I didn’t feel very spiritual before I came here. I now feel I have a direction.”
~ Mike V., Miami, Florida

If you are someone who has been reading my newsletters for many years and told yourself, “Someday I’m going to do a Soul Adventure,” I’m begging you, don’t keep putting it off! Come here!

If you’re reading this newsletter for the first time and you feel that itch that you have to do something and you have to do it now, please contact us!

There’s something about following that energy that is simply magical. The first time I came to Sedona (way back in 1999), every part of my life was a mess and I knew something had to change in my life. I’m so glad I listened.

If you know it’s time for a change in your life or your relationship, please come to Sedona and do a retreat. Contact us, talk to one of our Soul Guides and they’ll custom design a retreat that will take you from where you are to where you want to be. Don’t delay! Do it today! We’re open 7 days a week because I know from experience that when ya gotta go, ya gotta go!

Give us a call at (928) 204-5988 or request a call and one of our Soul Guides will call you.

If you knew what could happen, you’d be calling us right now.

i want my transformation

Sedona Soul Academy Offerings

Transformational Soul Coaching Training Program
Our new program begins January 21

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Transformational Soul Coaching is a specialized form of life coaching that acknowledges and honors one’s authentic, timeless, wisest self. Soul Coaches help clients connect with their highest wisdom and authentic selves… tuning into their innate guidance for what they’re meant to do with their precious life. The results can be eye-opening and incredibly gratifying.

Discover more about how you can serve others and make the world a better place as a Transformational Soul Coach.

This is going to be an amazing, incredible 25 weeks of LIVE TRAINING from January 21 – July 8, 2023, each Saturday from 8 am -10 am PST. Get all the information here.

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Inner Journey Breathwork Retreat and Certification Program
A 6-Day Breathwork Retreat in Sedona AZ
(February 12-17, 2023) followed by 9 Online Workshops
over 3 Months

Breathwork is such a powerful, transformational process. I’ve been doing Breathwork since 1989, and because I know it’s power, it is a cornerstone of all the retreats we do here at Sedona Soul Adventures.

So many people asked us about doing Breathwork training, that we started our training program last year and it has been a resounding success. The training is so different and special because we give you so much one-on-one personalized attention — that’s why it’s limited to only 14 people. Space is filling up fast, so go here for all the information and if you already know you want to enroll, sign up today.

Egypt trip 2 - 2

Two spots available for our first Egypt trip (February 20 – March 5)
Four spots available for our second Egypt trip (March 9-22)
Jane says, “The Egypt trip changed my life.”


Oh my Goddess, the Egypt trip is just 2 months away! If you’d love to give yourself the gift of Egypt, I highly recommend it!!

This will be my 23rd trip to Egypt (!) and just thinking about it makes me smile. This is definitely another part of my life that amazes me – that I get to go to Egypt every year and share it with people who are as awe-struck about it as I am!

We go to all the must see places:

  • The Great Pyramid (including 2 hours of private time just for our group for ceremony)
  • The Sphinx (where we have special admission to do ceremony between the paws of the Sphinx — this is closed to the general public)
  • Temple Complex of Karnak
  • Luxor Temple (which we see lit up at night — it’s other worldly!)
  • Abu Simbel (the largest statues in the world)

And we go to places that the average tourist doesn’t go to, with special admissions provided for our group.

  • Tomb of King Tut
  • Tomb of Ramses VI
  • Tomb of Seti I
  • Isis Temple at Philae
  • Hathor Temple at Dendera
  • Horus Temple at Edfu
  • Kom Ombo (dedicated to the crocodile god Sobek and Horus)
  • The Temple of Abydos
  • The Osirion
  • Tomb of Queen Nefertari (which is so incredibly beautiful it’s called “The Sistine Chapel of Ancient Egypt”)

And now for the first time, we’ve decided to do a 5-day add-on to Jordan and Petra in between the two trips, so that people from each trip can experience these amazing places!

We’ll be going to Petra to see one of the most spectacular places on Earth, Wadi Rum, the Dead Sea and Jerash.

Petra was one of the most important cities on the ancient trading routes of the Middle East back in the 1200’s. And then it faded into obscurity and for many years people in the West thought it didn’t even exist, that it was a kind of Shangri La that was mystical and not real.

But in the 1800s, a Westerner disguised himself as a Bedouin and was taken there. It was re-discovered and became known as “The Lost City.” Now it’s become a Unesco World Site, because it is so extraordinary.

Do you remember the ending of the movie “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”? This is the one where Sean Connery plays Indiana’s father. Towards the end of the movie they are taken to this mystical place where the Holy Grail has been kept for millennia (that part isn’t true).

At the very end, we see them riding off into the sunset away from this incredible place. The picture above shows the incredible stone structure, and why this place is called “the Rose City.”

Get all the information on the Jordan and Petra add-on here.

What an amazing addition this will be to this already incredible trip!

Is Egypt calling you? For all the information, click below.

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Egypt Pricing


If you’d like to go on one or both of these trips, YOU MUST ACT NOW!

Please note: The Jordan add-on is an add-on to either the First Egypt trip or the Second Egypt Trip, it is not a separate trip.

Watch this video to learn why the Egypt trip is so special.

Read testimonials from all the years we’ve gone to Egypt.

If you have more questions, email me at [email protected].

If you already know you want to go, place your deposit today for the Egypt trip.

Click here for the Petra add-on.

Or call me (928) 204-5988 – I love talking about Egypt!


Wishing you a week filled with new and exciting journeys, both inner and outer!

Debra Stangl

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