Your Deepest Fear – Some Good News

I have always loved this quote written by Marianne Williams in her book, “A Return to Love.” It’s interesting, the quote is very often attributed to Nelson Mandela, as he used the quote in his inaugural address (and attributed it to Marianne), but the confusion persists.

Most people do give in to their doubts about themselves, their low self-esteem, etc. But what if what she is saying is true? What if your deepest fear is that weird ego thing that says:

“Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?”

Most people think of the ego as this thing that is super self-centered, self-aggrandizing, as in, “He has such a huge ego.” But I’ve always defined the ego as the small self that wants to keep you small. And think about it, isn’t that what’s really going on?

So here’s the good news – what if this is true? What if the truth is that you truly are:

  • Brilliant
  • Gorgeous
  • Talented
  • Fabulous?

As she goes on to say – “You are a child of God.”

I personally believe the adage that “God doesn’t make junk.” That also means that we are all “of the same cloth,” that no one is any better or any worse than another as we are all the physical instantiation of Source (or God or Universe or Great Spirit or…) as we are all on our Journey back to Source, back to the Oneness of all Creation.

So that makes it official – You are amazing, wonderful, loveable, and deserving just by virtue of the fact that you are alive.

The last part of the quote doesn’t always get all the attention I think it deserves:

You have a birthright to be all that you can be. I believe you have an obligation to liberate yourself from your own fear so that you aren’t playing small, so that you can shine your light and be of service to the world.

My husband, Richard, has core wounds from his childhood where his father and his grandmother really did a number on him around all this. There was one incident where 5-year-old Richard was trying to be helpful and his father disdainfully said to another adult involved in the situation, “Children should be seen and not heard.” It totally deflated him.

You wouldn’t think that something like that would have such a huge impact on a child — I mean, his father wasn’t beating him or anything like that, but it affected Richard for years, making him doubt himself and “shut up.”

His grandmother told him at a young age, “Don’t show anyone who you are or they’ll get you.” How scary is that? Richard wasn’t sure who “they” were and he wasn’t sure exactly how “they” would “get him,” but the effect was there — making him afraid and getting him to shut up and definitely getting him to cover his light.

Richard’s father and grandmother loved him and they didn’t want to hurt him, but what a chilling effect all this had on him. As I said, it took years (and lots of sessions) to break through all of that.

And how sad is that? That poor little kid had his light dimmed for a long time. And I bet a bunch of you out there had some sort of experience like that during your childhood which left you feeling deflated and unworthy.

The good news is, you don’t need to take that on anymore. As I said, I believe you have a birthright and a responsibility to let your light shine.

How do you do that? Most people need help with that. They need to shed those doubts and fears that are holding them back from finding and living their purpose and their best life.

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