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“I’m More Spiritual Than You Are” [Very Funny Video]

We all need to poke fun at ourselves sometimes. If you’ve been around spirituality for very long, you’ve seen it. The people who want you to know just how spiritual they are by making you feel you’re somehow, not as spiritual as they are. Which, of course, means they’re not being spiritual at all!
It’s not a contest! The minute you start judging other people, that’s when you know for sure, that something isn’t right.
J.P. Sears really captures this in his “How To Be Ultra Spiritual” video.
One of my friends sent this to me this week and I couldn’t stop laughing because it’s so true! Here are some of my favorites:

“Judging other people to be less spiritual than you, makes you a better person than them, and that’s exactly what makes you more spiritual than them.”

“Reclassify all the ways you’re being irresponsible by saying ‘I’m a free spirit.’”

“Deny Your Pain – ‘You’ve been sleeping with my best friend? Oh no, I’m not hurt, it’s all part of the perfection.’”

But my special favorite is, “Use an exaggeratedly light tone of voice when you are talking with other Ultra Spiritual people. It’s like showing your ID to get into a bar – it proves that you belong.” What’s up with that? I’ve never been able to get away with that – wearing long, flowing skirts and speaking in a breathy voice and saying “It’s so beautiful” all the time. I’ve just always been a little too loud, and I’ve never been tall and thin enough to pull off the long skirts. I guess it means I’m just not Ultra Spiritual!
And I have to admit that I do one of the things he talks about… I talk about energy all the time! Sorry!
I hope you enjoy the video as much a I do, and I hope you “get” the point of the video. There’s Fake Spirituality and then there’s the Real stuff.
By the Real stuff, I mean living your life connected to the highest part of yourself and in connection with the Divine. I mean being happy and feeling like your life has purpose and meaning. I mean feeling peace and joy, and occasionally, some bliss. I didn’t feel that way for so many years of my life; instead I felt unhappy, dissatisfied, disconnected, and stuck. J.P. might make fun of me for this (comparing the Fake stuff to the Real Stuff), but adding this element (the Real stuff) to my life has made all the difference.
If you’d like some of the Real stuff, please connect with us. Coming to Sedona 19 years ago is what changed everything for me — maybe it will change everything for you.
Connect with us and let us create a retreat that will bring you the life or the relationship of your dreams. Click below:

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Would you like to speak to someone today? We’re even open on Sundays, because we’re here for you.
“I was skeptical and nervous at first, wondering if I was making the right choice or not. My life was falling apart, I was lost, scared, confused, and just ready to give up until I went on my Soul Adventure. Everyone there is just totally incredible.  Everything they taught me I have been able to bring home and use in my daily life and I am feeling stronger and stronger. I truly believe that had I not taken this time for myself and taken my “Soul Adventure” I would not be here today. How can I ever thank all of you for what you have given me.”                ~ Lisa R., Provo, Utah
And last but not least, watch “How To Be Ultra Spiritual”:


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The Universe Is Conspiring For Your Highest Good

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The spirit of Christmas is giving, miracles and magic.
Yet, it seems we forget that blessings and unexplained synchronicities can happen the rest of the year. Maybe a series of bad things happen. You lose your job. A relative gets ill. Your relationship is on the rocks. There are too many bills and not enough money to pay them. Negative thinking creeps in. Scarcity and fear become your focus. And before you know it, you are spending all of your time dwelling on what is wrong and whining and complaining to others.
Many of you have likely heard of the Law of Attraction – a concept based on the idea that everything is energy, vibrating at different frequencies. Like attracts like. Therefore, what you put out into the world will come back to you. What you believe you deserve and what you expect, you get. When you change your thoughts, you change your reality – and open up a whole new realm of possibility.
Studies also show negative thoughts and constant woe is me thinking lowers your energy level. Limiting beliefs, self-destructive behaviors and shaming attitudes lower your vibration even further. The lower your vibration goes, the less energy you have, and the worse you feel both physically and emotionally.
Here are some simple ways to open your heart and mind to the abundance of the Universe and the joy you long for:
• Keep a gratitude journal
• Live your life with purpose
• Surround yourself with like-minded people
• Visualize what you want to create
• Celebrate simple pleasures
• Don’t place limitations on yourself
• Dare to let life be great
• Trust that happiness can happen – and last
• Live the life you want for yourself, not the life others want for you
Raising your vibration moves you closer to who you really are. If you believe you deserve to have good things happen in your life, they will. Maintaining a positive attitude – and positive thoughts – is the key to manifesting the life of your dreams and giving you the momentum to make it happen. Daydream about what it looks like and believe you are worthy enough to receive it, and the right relationship, the right boss, or whatever you are hoping, for will come.
Often, when you’re consumed with worry, the real issue is with your neglected spiritual growth. A spiritual healing, removing energy blocks, or freeing yourself from old wounds may be necessary to reconnect with your true, childlike essence, and to believe you have the power to change your circumstances.
Sedona Soul Adventures helps facilitate your spiritual journey by planning customized spiritual retreats with Sedona’s best healers and spiritual counselors, so you can find your way back home to yourself. Call now toll free 877-204-3664 or Click here and your Angel Guide will call you today!
Trust that the Universe is conspiring for your highest good. Feel the floating of your soul, the laughter in your heart – and radiate inner joy this holiday season.

Life Transformation

Personal Growth

Complacency can become dangerous as it breeds the notion that we no longer need to grow. Personal growth is vital for us to live a healthy and meaningful life. The lack of change can lead to dissatisfaction as we are bound to get stuck in a certain way, perception or even environment.

How To Achieve Life Transformation

Life transformation does not simply happen out of nowhere. It is comprised of continuous effort and internal motivation in order to achieve self development. Most of the time, the problem is not that we do not want personal growth, the problem is typically knowing how or where to start. Here are some steps that can help you achieve life transformation:

     1.    Asses the past but have a vision of what you want your future to be.

Most people go through life caught up in the routine and mostly sleepwalking their entire lives. Refusal to exert effort in understanding your purpose can leave you feeling empty and frustrated. Connect with your inner self and know what you want. Be specific with how your future should be. You’ll be surprised that circumstances will usually unfold according to your vision of the future.

     2.    Express your envisioned future.

Whether it’s a change in career, reinvention of self, change of location or even moving on from a failed relationship, expressing it starts the process of leading you to the change you are seeking. Write it, sing it, talk about it, create a painting or drawing about it, just express this desire in the way that feels most real for you. Let the Universe know that you want it and that you are ready to go through this life transformation.

     3.    Plan your steps to achieve it.

Changes do not happen overnight, it is a result of a series of events and circumstances brought by our choices.  Evaluating what you need to change and dealing with issues that are holding you back can lead you to your envisioned future.

Spiritual Retreats For Life Transformation

Reconnecting with your inner self is a crucial step in life transformation. It will be impossible to envision a future if you don’t know who you are and what you want. Personal growth and self development are results of experience and understanding of oneself. Spiritual retreats are great opportunities to explore your soul and provide clarity of your purpose. Sedona Soul Adventures has helped thousands of people achieve life transformation through their customized spiritual retreats. These spiritual retreats not only help you get reconnected with your inner soul but can also help you achieve personal growth and self development. To know more details about customized spiritual retreats, call 877-204-3664 or visit Sedona Soul Adventures website.

Building Realistic Relationship Through Couple’s Retreat

Understanding Relationship Myths

Myths about relationships, according to experts, drive away the happiness that keeps you together. If you have this perception that everything in your life should go a certain way, then you may be in for a lot of disappointments. Frustration is the foremost killer of love.  When you are put in a situation wherein nothing is going the way you expect it to, the tendency is that you will vent your anger out to your partner.  If you ever feel like you are veering toward this direction, better do something about it now and go on a couple’s retreat. Here are some common relationship myths that mislead couples today:

  1. Good relationships do not need much work to succeed. – Contrary to that belief, it is actually the relationships that are given the most effort and time that prove to be most enduring. According to psychologists, culture, parenting style and even the education system, do not prepare individuals for this kind of mindset.  Oftentimes, we are given the notion that it is only the bad things which we need work hard on.  Experts have compared good relationships to bountiful gardens. You would not get such a thriving outcome if you will not put your heart, soul and even faith into it.
  2. If you are in love, then you will automatically know what the other’s feelings and needs are. – Romantic couples are not pairs of fortunetellers. You cannot predict what your partner is seeking simply by gut feeling.  And vice-versa, you can’t expect your partner to know what you’re thinking when you’re not talking. Active communication and honest interaction are some of the things that have to be present in a good relationship.  Taking spiritual retreats together can help you become more open and understanding with each other.
  3. Jealousy is the ultimate sign of love. – Occasional fights make the relationship more interesting.  However, if you are constantly engaged in a battle with your sweetheart because of jealousy, then it’s clearly not love.  It all just translates to lack of trust and irrational possessiveness. If you allow insecurity to get in between the two of you, then you are doomed. Couple’s retreat gives lovers the chance to reconnect and establish their faith in each other.
  4. Couples who go for therapy are facing relationship dilemmas.– Seeking counsel from experts does not necessarily mean having relationship troubles.  Sometimes couples seek advice from experts merely to strengthen their bond and prevent any small mishaps to turn into something destructive.  One of the things being recommended by therapists to make couples grow much closer is to go on spiritual getaways.

Better Relationships With Spiritual Retreats

If you want your relationship to last, do something memorable with your partner and you also need to do away with the relationship myths. In fact, what you need to do is work on creating a relationship that makes both of you happy. Make every moment worth it and enjoy the experience together. Spiritual retreats can also help you have a stronger and realistic relationship approach. By calling Sedona Soul Adventures at 877-204-3664, you and your partner can enjoy a wonderful couple’s retreat. You can also visit Sedona Soul Adventures website for more information.

Transform Your Life Through Spiritual Retreats

Taking Control of Your Life

Transforming your life is an act that starts within you. You cannot tell yourself that you can’t change your life because of circumstances or because of other people. Self-development is an act that is taken upon by the individuals themselves and not forced by anyone. It is the ultimate manifestation of how one is in control of their life.
A lot of people may feel that transforming their life depends on certain timing, people or situation. The ‘what if” or “if only’s” have been the usual statement starter of those who are slumped and feel that they do not have the control to change their lives. What’s worse, most people blame these external factors instead of making themselves accountable to implement changes. Here are a few tips on how you can get away from the blame game and start taking control of your life.

  1. Be tolerant and find a justification – most of the time, our failures are not really failures but rather delays in our journey. They become painful when we magnify the bad aspects of a certain incident. Remember that everything happens for a reason. Find justification and learn to be tolerant and accept the fact that it’s not the end of the world. It could be timing, something doesn’t fit or maybe something better is on its way. Being tolerant and our ability to come up with justifications can make it easier for us not to blame other people or things for the unlikely incidents in our lives.
  2. Remember that you create your own perception – it’s either the glass is half full or half empty, you can choose wisely. Positive thinking can bring you a long way in achieving your dreams and living a life that’s not “dependent” simply on circumstances. If you look at yourself and your life in a positive view, you will see that you have more opportunities than you can imagine.
  3. Be accountable of your mistakes – to err is human. You’re not supposed to be perfect.  Handling and being accountable in these mistakes makes us different from one another. Remember that we are faced with choices every day and they come with different consequences, regardless of the result, we let them happen and these mistakes are ours so accept and learn from them.
  4. Stop pointing your fingers and get back on track – blaming other people or circumstances will not help you move forward. More or less, it invites resentment. Remember that when something goes wrong, the blame game won’t help. Instead, go back to the issue and focus on how to deal with it.

Transform Your Life through Spiritual Retreats

It is easy to blame failures on other people and circumstances but it doesn’t help us to transform our lives and achieve our full potential. A huge part of finding purpose in life is by having control and when we blame others we have no control. Sedona Soul Adventures provides customized retreats that helped people transform their lives for the better. With their spiritual retreats, they have helped people to reconnect with themselves and find their life’s purpose. Call them now at 877-204-3664 and take that first step to a real life transformation today!

Solve Relationship Insecurities Through Couple’s Retreats

Addressing Relationship Insecurities

For many couples, maintaining a healthy relationship can be a challenge as our society has so many clichés on how a perfect relationship should be. Romantic vacations may help to bring back the connection between partners, however, most individuals back into the traps of relationship insecurities.
While romantic vacations maybe a good idea, looking into the real issues of relationship insecurities takes soul searching and commitment. Relationships exposes an individual to emotional vulnerability and these insecurities may be rooted from one’s fear of rejection and fear of loss. Here are some tips to overcome relationship insecurities:

  1. Do not create problems when there is none – more often than not, people are inclined to think what could go wrong when things are “too good to be true”. Do not confuse this with reality. Sometimes, when we assume we know what the other person is doing or how they will react, it can lead to self-torment that makes one miserable and unhappy.
  2. Do not be carried away with the clichés – our society has given us pictures of how relationships should be. Whether we admit it or not, not all of them are realistic. Relationships are unique and people express their love in different ways. Do not assume that just because your partner is not meeting your expectations, your relationship is doomed.
  3. Give space for personal developments – remember that you and your partner are two different individuals with different needs. Your own personal growth is important in order to keep your relationship healthy. Give enough space for your relationship to breathe and do things that may not necessarily require you to be with your partner. Have your own hobbies, your own circle of friends and try to achieve your own goals as well.
  4. Communicate instead of mind reading – no matter how delicate or how hard the issues are, it is imperative that partners should talk about them. Do not assume or attempt to read each other’s minds as this will result in confusion and misunderstanding. Talk to each other.
  5. 5.    Treat your relationship not as a continuation of your past relationships – leave the old baggage behind. Sure you’ve been hurt and learned your lessons but that doesn’t mean your partner has to endure all the burdens of your pains from your past relationships. Be fair and understand that your relationship is not in anyway, a saga of your past.

Couple’s Retreats to Overcome Relationship Insecurities

Most of these relationship insecurities are rooted from self-confidence issues and one’s ability to trust their partner. If you are experiencing these insecurity issues, try to find a meaningful getaway and attend a couple’s retreat. Spiritual retreats for couples can help you understand yourself, your partner and reconnect with each other. Call Sedona Soul Adventures today at 877-204-3664 to help you get started!

Personal Growth Retreats

Obstacles as Part Of Personal Growth

Obstacles are part of our daily lives. Every day, we go around our daily chores and face various obstacles that make our tasks more difficult than they should be. These obstacles can be distractions or may come as direct challenges for us to accomplish what we need our goals. Personal growth comes from conquering these obstacles and not running away from them.
Spend some quiet time with yourself and carefully look at each situation from an objective point of view. Obstacles, no matter how big or small, are our opportunities for growth and how we deal with them can make a big difference. Here are some tips on how to handle obstacles:

  1. Face it – facing obstacles means accepting that you’re supposed to encounter them one way or the other. Remember that no triumph is without obstacles. Do not be anxious or give in to the fear of failing. Once fear takes over, we’ll never be able to move onto the next step. Understanding that we all need these challenges for growth and conquering our obstacles gives meaning and purpose to our life.
  2. Acknowledge the feelings – the meaning of life depends on how we view it in general and understand that it’s natural to feel anxiety or fear during challenging situations. Try not to deny these emotions as humans are bound to experience them. Acknowledge the fact that you may feel anxiety and fear but do not try to cast them aside as it is natural to have these emotions in trying times.
  3. Understand the reason behind your fears – most of the time, people do not actually fear the actual obstacle but rather the assumed effects of these obstacles. Most of these fears are caused by our pessimistic view and assumptions based on what we think will happen. Find out where your anxieties are coming from – is it from a previous experience, is it from fear of failing or from other people’s experience? Now, address those reasons so you can focus on how to actually conquer the obstacles.

Our minds are very powerful when it comes to molding us to face and conquer the obstacles in our way. Most of the time, understanding yourself is the best source of confidence to overcome these obstacles. It all starts from believing these obstacles are conquerable.

Spiritual Retreats for Personal Growth

To fully reach your potential, it takes a good understanding of yourself. Spiritual retreats are a good way to really know yourself and be more connected to your inner soul. Being connected to yourself can give you a more positive view about yourself and a greater understanding why obstacles are part of achieving personal growth. Sedona Soul Adventures has customized retreats aiming to transform people’s lives, helping people to achieve more and bring out the best in an individual through these private retreats. To know more how they can help you achieve personal growth through their spiritual retreats, call them now at 877-204-3664 and visit Sedona Soul Adventures today.

De-stress Through Women Retreats

Handling Stress For Women

Living life to the fullest, especially for women, may also mean facing some stressful moments as this is a part of our personal development. There are a lot of getaways for women but the key is to really know the basics of how we can face these challenging times and still be able to live a purpose driven life.
Stress can be caused by so many things and can drive us to the brink if we do not know how to handle them well. Here are a few tips for women on how to handle stress effectively:

  1. Take refuge in a moment of silence on a daily basis. Our lives are full of distractions and tasks that can simply drain us right away. We are so immersed with technology and a fast paced lifestyle that it is not surprising that most of us are burned out or no longer maintaining our balance. Take a personal retreat from all these things and make time for yourself. Get a dose of silence, away from all the distractions, away from our roles and enjoy the calmness and peace brought by silence.
  2. Find and enjoy your passion. Passion is caused by inspiration. When we are inspired, we tend to be more active and alive. Follow your passions and make sure that you take time to pursue them. Whether this is as simple as painting or sketching, you should always practice it on a regular basis as people who follow their passion tend to be in a focused “zone” which helps in relaxing.
  3. Eat right, sleep well and exercise. Taking care of our body is no longer an option, it is a must. People who eat a balanced and regular meal, sleep enough and engage in physical activities tend to be more energetic and more resilient from stress. You do not have to be an ultra fit guru to have a healthy body but if you have a healthy lifestyle you will be more resilient to stress.
  4. Laugh and cry.  We all know that laughter is the best medicine and it can uplift anyone’s mood. Don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself, go see a funny movie or spend time with a person who can make you laugh. On the other hand, you can also cry out all the stress. Crying is a release and a form of cleansing. So if you’re sad or stressed, just cry it out, afterwards you will feel relaxed.

Meaningful Getaways For Women

The tips above are some of the few things you can start from home. However, if you want a quality, meaningful type of relaxation and rejuvenation, try to go on a spiritual retreat. Most women getaways will involve massages and other form of relaxing activities. These activities can be a part of spiritual retreats. Sedona Soul Adventures have been transforming lives by providing spiritual getaways for women, not only through physical rejuvenation but spiritual and mental relaxation as well. If you want a more meaningful way to relax, call Sedona Soul Adventures at 877-204-3664 today!

Meaningful Life In Spite of Worries

Finding the meaning of life is defined by the present and not necessarily based on the past actions or future plans that we have. Every day, people may find themselves worrying about making the right choices, especially the outcome of these choices. This uncertainty causes people to be anxious, and we all know that anxiety or worrying can lead to an unhealthy life.

Dealing with Worries

Holistic health requires spiritual and mental care in order to be really healthy. As a simple remedy to do away with worries, here are some tips on how to deal with worries once you experience them.

  1. Having a meaningful life means acknowledging the present and its challenges. In line with this, acknowledging worry is one way of dealing with it. Self-awareness is the key in dealing with stress, especially worries. Simply letting yourself be aware that yes, you are worried.
  2. Recognize and accept its existence. Most people who try to keep their life in control often avoid the fact that it’s natural to be worried. Nobody is really aware of all the things they do on a daily basis. First, our lives are entwined with other people and secondly, our choices may have circumstances that are beyond our control. So it’s alright, accept that worrying is part of the process.
  3. Be open to the feeling. Embrace that it is human nature not to be perfect and therefore expect some unexpected turn of events even if you had everything laid down in every detail. A meaningful life consists of mistakes and lessons and not having any of the two means you are not growing as a person. Worrying is part of this phase and therefore it is an essential emotion to feel.
  4. Make a decision to keep going even if you’re worried. Worrying can be distracting so it’s good to be determined regardless of the uncertainties. Make it an intention to move forward regardless of the challenges and stresses that come. If we’ll stop and entertain our worries, we may never get to start the things we need to do.
  5. A meaningful life is also about sticking with your decisions continuing with the things you need to do. Worries can be a powerful discouragement but they can also help you create productive steps for contingencies. If people never worry, a lot of things that help our lives to be more productive may have never been invented.

Getaway from Worries

Worrying is a self-inflicted stress as this is something we experience based on our own personal standards and self-esteem. Having private getaways in a place wherein you can contemplate can help you deal with this stress. Sedona Soul Adventures has customized spiritual getaways that can help you pamper your body, calm your mind and reconnect with yourself. These Sedona spiritual tours often help people relieve them of stress and come back refreshed and renewed. To find out more about these life-transforming private getaways, call Sedona Soul Adventures 877-204-3664 today.