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Beautiful teaching from Jorge Luis Delgado in Machu Picchu

Well, it’s happened again. Just when I think Machu Picchu and Peru can’t get any better, it does.
We’ve had such an incredible trip and it’s only half-over! Our group is absolutely amazing and as usual, we were all in love with each other within 48 hours. It’s so incredible to travel with other seekers, having deep experiences and lots of fun.
We started in Cuzco on our first day and Jorge immediately took us to the Heart Temple to do an incredible ceremony. The ceremony was for clearing out “the heavy energies” and bringing us back into our hearts, truly loving ourselves and everyone else. Here’s Richard hugging Rochelle as she came out of the Heart Cave.
We then walked on part of the Inca Trail, literally jumping for joy (see the video below)!

That evening we had a beautiful and delicious dinner in Cuzco, complete with music and dancing.
Then on our third day, we were off to Machu Picchu, the bucket list item of our trip. It’s amazing to me that most tours take the train here, run around for a few hours and then leave. You can see it doing it that way, but you certainly aren’t experiencing it! I love that we have three days to truly have the complete experience of this mystical place. On the first day, we took the train, which goes along the Urubamba river and is so absolutely beautiful. Jorge brings us into Machu Picchu in an unexpected and special way (it’s a secret!) and it literally takes your breath away (don’t you love the picture of the group at the top?).
One of the other fun parts of Machu Picchu is that there are llamas all over, and they are so sweet and wonderful to connect with. Usually they are kind of skittish and don’t stay with you for long, but Richard and I had a moment with this adorable one. He just stayed and looked at us, and we locked eyes for the longest time. Everyone in the group kept snapping photos because we couldn’t believe how long he was staying with us. He kept making this sweet sound and Richard and I kept making the sound back to him. I’m not sure what we were saying to each other, but he must have liked it because he stayed with us for a really long time!
On our second day, we got up before dawn to do a ceremony in Machu Picchu as the sun is rising over the mountain. Here I am with my dear friend Ranjita connecting in with Father Sun during the ceremony.
And that has been one of the special things for me on this trip, to have two dear friends and practitioners here with me. Many of you know Ranjita Ryan and Rick Reynolds from doing transformational sessions with them during your Sedona Soul Adventure. They are both such amazing practitioners and it’s so wonderful to have two dear friends like this to share Machu Picchu with.
After our sunrise ceremony, we walked up to the Sun Gate, which in ancient times was the entrance to Machu Picchu and where the Inca Trail ends. On our way, we stopped at the Mother Temple to do a sweet meditation. Here’s Richard filled with the energy of this fantastic place.
But certainly the best part of this trip is being with Jorge everyday and receiving his teachings. He is such an amazing person and wonderful teacher. Plus, he is fun, playful, and so down to earth. I love this photo of him at Machu Picchu, it really captures him.
And I want you to listen to this short video, it is so indicative of his teachings. Of how important it is for us to truly love ourselves – that is the key to everything. Enjoy!
And sending you so much love from Peru and Machu Picchu!

Debra Stangl

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