Debra's Interview on "Dreamers & Doers - Women Changing the World" - Sedona Soul Adventures

Debra’s Interview on “Dreamers & Doers – Women Changing the World”

I was recently interviewed by Katrina Stevens, Certified Life Mastery Consultant & Speaker, on her series, “Dreamers & Doers – Women Changing the World” and it was so fun!

We talked about one of my favorite subjects, “How Embracing The Concept That Nothing Is Wrong Can Transform Your Life”.

Watch the interview here:

Here’s the recap from Katrina’s show:

Join us for a conversation with Sedona Soul Adventures founder and author Debra Stangl. Honoring a strong message that she didn’t fully understand at the time, Debra made the bold decision to give up her high-stress career as a divorce attorney and eventually move to Sedona – a place she’d never been – and went on to create an internationally known spiritual retreat business. 20 years later, Debra’s work has helped thousands of individuals and couples transform their lives – including her own. Hear her inspiring story.

Debra Stangl

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