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Embrace winter’s lower energy – and the opportunity to rest

You’ve hit the hump, surviving the shortest, darkest days of the year.
The Dec. 21st winter solstice signifies a gradual shift to more daylight, but temperatures continue to fall and snow to mount through February in most of the United States and Canada. Spring doesn’t officially arrive until March 20, meaning it’s time to find creative ways to stay physically active and mentally resilient.
Due to the lack of sunlight, many people suffer from depression, or seasonal affective disorder (SAD), during the winter months. However, research reveals low energy during winter is routine. It’s normal and natural to experience a slight seasonal variance in mood and behavior.
So don’t beat yourself up if you aren’t going, going, going all the time. Embrace the opportunity to rest.
Some, such as followers of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), see decreased energy in wintertime as a reflection of the season’s energy. Rising (yang) and falling (yin) energies cycle as the seasons change. Winter’s yin energy is quiet, slow, and reflective. As winter turns to spring, the bright, expansive and upbeat yang energy ushers in a season of rebirth and renewal.
Nature and the animal kingdom express universal energies by their patterns and behaviors, which are mirrored in the energies of the human body and human experience. Just think of the animals that grow a winter coat, pack on extra weight and hibernate. Remember your perennials that go dormant underground, but will sprout through dirt in the spring.
The same goes for humans. The season’s energy invites us to enjoy extra sleep and to savor comfort foods. The colder, inclement weather forces us to spend most of our time indoors, which can be a good thing because it also causes us to slow down, self-reflect and ponder our life’s purpose.
Here are some ways to mindfully manage difficult emotions, excessive eating and low energy during these months:
• Use the down time to focus on healing, letting go and cultivating new connections
• Set aside time to practice conscious breathing
• Find ways to check in with yourself and quiet the mind
• Incorporate restorative activities into daily routines
• Light scented candles or enjoy a hot bath with essential oils
• Build a fire in an indoor fireplace; enjoy the sounds, smells, warmth and light it radiates
• Curl up and get lost in a book
• Invite bright colors into living spaces
• Try gentle yoga, t’ai chi or stretching; commit to some form of regular movement
• Listen to relaxing music or soothing nature sounds
• Take a nap or cuddle with your child or pet
• Participate in physical and social activities that bring joy and meaning
• Find ways to enjoy the outdoors: Go on a nature walk, try snowshoeing or take pictures
• Play or do something you did as a kid: Ice skating, building a snowman, sledding
• Appreciate the cycle of the seasons and life
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Don’t feel guilty about getting a little extra rest, being lazy and loafing on the weekends this winter. But if you are prone to being quiet, introverted and low energy, don’t let it lead to lethargy, never leaving the house, or too much introspection. Strive for balance, perspective and inner peace. If it helps, remember: “This, too, shall pass.”


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