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Knowing Yourself by Finding Your Creative Voice

Finding Our Inner Self

We, as creations, are gifted with the ability to create as well. As creators ourselves, we must know ourselves and learn how to find our own voice. We can effectively express ourselves in many ways as individuals provided that we know the tone, style and personality that we choose in conveying the message we want to communicate. Our distinctive, individual creative voice reflects our soul for the world to perceive.
Finding your voice is not an easy task. As a creator and creative being, this pursuit contains vast changes. Finding your creative voice means discovering yourself as you channel your inner thoughts to manifest in many ways. To reflect truth in your voice requires continuous rearrangement of your real meaning and your perception.

Here are some ideas on how we can find our creative voice as individuals:

  • Allow yourself to practice expressing your thoughts in different mediums. This is a good way to understand your own thoughts and views. From scribbles, to diaries, sketches, dances, painting, etc. The more you express your thoughts in diverse mediums, the more you hone your skill in discovering yourself.
  • Dare to experiment. Do trial and error, try to mimic and personalize. Develop your own voice and individuality by experimenting with the existing inspirations and mediums.
  • Listen to your mind talk, try to write it down, express it through drawing or singing. When you get these gush of ideas in your head, let it flow through your hands, be heard through your voice – capture it and express it.
  • Most of your thoughts and ideas will probably be nonsense. This nonsense is important so you can separate the logical from what you feel is the truth. Letting it flow can help you distinguish the ones worth expressing.
  • Aim to achieve clarity. It reflects clear thinking. Express simple thoughts in simple manners. Your individual voice should be clear and it doesn’t have to be complicated.
  • Shut the noise. You won’t be able to hear your voice if there is too much noise in your head. Learn how to get your inner voice heard and separate the noise from it.
  • Use your creative voice to articulate yourself, to help others, and make a difference.

Re-connect With Your Inner Self

Discovering your creative voice as an individual establishes a sense of identity and purpose. This journey to discovery may require a deeper understanding of yourself. Most of the time, this journey requires a chance to reflect and establish connection with your inner self. Spiritual retreats by Sedona Soul Adventures can help you know yourself and find your inner creative voice. They offer life-changing retreats to help you discover the purpose in your life, re-energize your mind, body and spirit as well as rejuvenate, relax and re-center. With professional guides to help you reconnect with yourself and the things around you, they can lead you in finding that creative and individual voice in you.
Expect to understand yourself more in order to effectively express your voice. Check out Sedona Soul Adventure’s website at or you can call 877-204-3664 toll free and a Retreat Coordinator will discuss the details you need for a free consultation with your Angel Guide.

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