How to Get Different Results

Do you like the results you’re getting in your life? How’s it going with your…

  • Work
  • Love (Relationships, Family)
  • Money
  • Body
  • Life?

If things aren’t perfect for you in all those areas, watch my video to find out ONE THING you can do to start getting different results.

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Today I’m going to talk to you about How to get different results in your life.
I’m doing this because I’m all about everyone being just as happy as they can be. That’s why I wrote my book The Journey To Happy.
So my question is: Are you happy with the results in your life? Are you happy with what I call the Fab Five?

  1. Work
  2. Love (Relationships, Family)
  3. Money
  4. Body which together comprises your life
  5. Life

So if you’re not happy with the results you have in your life so far, my question to you is: What are you going to do about it?

‘Cause if you don’t like the results you have so far, you have to do something different, and the question is, What are you going to do differently?

At this point when I’m speaking with someone, they’re usually having a reaction of, “oh wait, you mean I actually have to do something?” and the answer is, “yeah, you’ve got to do something different.” I’m always amazed at how people don’t want to do that. They say on the one hand, they want their life to be different, but then they don’t want to do anything about it. It’s like Einstein said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result.

And I’m here to tell you there’s something very simple you can start doing to change things around. It’s simple, but it’s not necessarily easy. Start to think differently. Because as quantum physics has proven:

Everything is energy.
Our thoughts produce energy.
What we think about expands.
What we think about we get more of.

This is why I wrote my book, because one of the things I want to challenge you on is the way you’re thinking. And maybe the only problem is just that you’re thinking the wrong way.

Which is completely understandable, because most of us are taught to think the wrong way – I know I was. We’re taught to be afraid, to worry, to expect the worst and to plan for a rainy day.

And that’s how most people run their lives, by thinking like everyone else does. But what does that get you? Just more unhappiness, fear and worry. And look at how over the centuries, so many people have been so wrong about so many things. Think about it. Think about all of the perceptions that have driven mankind’s behaviors and caused us to do things that now seem very weird, silly, or just plain horrible. For example:

  • People believed for thousands of years that the earth was flat and that they would fall off if they went to the end of it. Columbus finally proved that one to not be true.
  • Religious scholars once taught and believed that the sun revolved around the Earth, a theory believed for many, many years. To believe or teach otherwise was considered heresy. Scientists were actually executed for teaching these theories. Galileo was nearly executed, but instead, remained under house arrest for the remainder of his life after he published the observations that he had made with his telescope, which proved that the Earth revolves around the sun.
  • This is one of my favorite (crazy) ones: It was believed that you could determine who was a witch by throwing them in a river. If they were NOT a witch, they would sink (and most probably drown). If they floated, they were a witch, and you could then burn them at the stake!
  • For years, no one believed that it was possible for a human being to run a mile in less than four minutes. There was so much written about it that it was believed to be empirically true by scientists and medical doctors. Then, Roger Bannister did it in 1954. Once it had been done, everyone’s mindset changed. More and more people did it, and the record has now been lowered by over 17 seconds. 17 seconds – think about it, that’s an eternity when you’re running. (It’s also interesting to me that way back in 1954, Roger Bannister used Visualization as part of his training).

Remember what Henry Ford said: “There are two kinds of people in the world – those who think they can and those who think they can’t. And they’re both right!”
So which kind are you? Do you think you can? Or do you think you can’t?

And here’s the good news! It’s your choice!

If you want different results, all you have to do is think differently, act differently, do things differently, talk differently. In my last video, I talked to you about how to talk differently: Change Your Story, Change Your Life.

And over the next few weeks I’ll be giving you more and more processes that will help you do all of this.

Now I’m talking to you about Thinking differently.

Make the decision to take on. That’s a big one.

Stay in gratitude. I’ll be talking more about that one in another video, because that’s a huge topic.

There was a book written many years ago which was called, You Can’t Afford The Luxury Of A Negative Thought.

I love that so much, it’s so true – negative thinking is costing you dearly. It’s costing you your peace and your happiness; it’s costing you your life. Worse, it’s keeping you out of the Higher Vibrations where you can connect with everything you do want in your life.

That’s where the title of my book came from. In My Journey to Happy I discovered that the quickest way to stop my negative thinking was to make the decision that Nothing is Wrong, and the minute I did that, the most amazing things started to happen and change around. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be talking with you about exactly how I did that and give you lots and lots of processes to help you start doing that too.

But it starts with a Basic Decision. If you want different results, you’re going to have to do something different.

You’re going to have to Stop your stinkin’ thinkin’ so that you can become the kind of person, as Henry Ford said, who thinks they can.

I hope this helped. And if you got value from this video, please take the time to like it, share it with someone in your life who think might get something out of it and subscribe to our channel.

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You can have the life AND the relationship you want – I know it.

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