“This was the best day of my life”

A while back, I got an email from someone who had just been here doing their Sedona Soul Adventures retreat a few months before and she told me she wanted to tell me about her adventure. She said there had been all these incredible miracles that happened before she came and then during her retreat and since she had gone home.

I called her and we had so much fun talking about all the incredible things that had happened.

The one word that sums this up is “empowerment.” There were lots of things in Kelly’s past that were causing lots of problems. A father who had a lot of self-hatred and self-loathing, traits which she believes she also took on. Then when she was 19, her first sexual experience was a rape. You can imagine the kinds of problems all of that was causing for her.

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She first told me about all these incredible things that were happening before she even came to Sedona, signs that were telling her that she was doing the right thing by doing a retreat with us in Sedona.

Then she started describing some of her sessions. 

She did a Karmic Clearing, a session which is designed to clear out karma from past lives that is no longer serving you. The information that came in was from a past life where she was a Mother Superior in a convent. She started doing her own teachings and when the Church found out about it, they executed her by hanging.

She told me, “I’ve always had a kink in my neck, it’s the strangest thing and now it’s gone!”

Another lifetime came in where there was a father figure and a brother who was abusing her sister. She felt a tremendous amount of guilt and took on aspects of personal self loathing, self hatred and shame, which also felt like a reflection on her dad’s personality in this lifetime. She said during the session, she felt all of these elements just lifted.

She said, “I really got it that I’ve been carrying around baggage that I just don’t need anymore.”

But the next session of Radiant Heart Healing really took the cake. She realized that her heart chakra had been closed since the rape had happened all those many years ago and that her 2nd chakra (the sacral chakra, the sexual chakra) was also closed. Not at all surprising considering everything that had happened to her.

In the session they both came open! She said, “It was the most amazing experience, I don’t even know how it happened.”

She told me, “This was the best day of my life!”

I asked her what happened next and she said, “The next day was also the best day of my life!”

She did her Breath Journey and she said, “I couldn’t believe what could happen just with using my breath and moving the energy.” From what she described to me, she effortlessly went into the altered state.

She said, “I started doing the breath and I thought, I can’t keep this up for an hour and then my legs started tingling, and suddenly I felt all this energy at the base of my spine. It started coming across my body, and it felt like a freight train combined with a lightning bolt, almost like I stuck my finger in an electrical socket. It was so exhilarating and powerful. Suddenly I saw a ball of energy 6 inches high. I’ve never felt anything like that before. It started moving up, then it went into my sacral chakra, maybe 10-15 minutes, then moved up again and stopped in my heart, then picks up speed, got stronger, vibrating, shaking, and it stayed a long time in my heart. Then it moved down to my hands, still in my heart, down to my hands, all areas are lit up, fire balls of energy, balls of energy in my hands, huge balls of energy, I’m crying and laughing and it went on for 20-30 minutes, laughing and crying, I can’t even talk, I can’t see anything. I got a clear message this was not a human energy, a clear message that the energy in my hands was significant going forward.”

She said, “This was the most incredible thing that has ever happened to me. All the energy that went through my second chakra and my heart did so much healing.”

When I asked her what she meant by the energy in her hands was significant going forward, she said, “I know my work is going to change and I need to be doing work with this energy to help other people.”

The next day she had her final two sessions and in the first one she learned a new process to really help her stay grounded and to more completely ground in the experiences that had happened. The final session is Intuitive Integration (which we have everyone do), to go over what happened and to take steps to integrate everything into her life.

She went home and when I spoke with her (which was 2 months after she had completed her retreat), she said, “My life has completely changed.” She said she’s open and happy and connected. She knows she’s on a new path and it’s been exciting to watch that unfold.

I encouraged her to keep on doing the Breath Journey at home and to use the new tools she had received. She told me that when she did the Breath Journey, she felt the energy in her hands again. She knows she’s supposed to do work with this energy and that will be happening. It’s so exciting.

One of the people at her work noticed the changes in her and now she came to do a Soul Adventure and also had an incredible retreat. I love that!

Wow! It’s still so amazing to me what happens, even after all these years and thousands of people. It is so fantastic that someone can come here after years and years of being shut down and have their life completely open up.

Would you like to have your life completely open up? I’ll tell you, I don’t believe there’s anything worse than living a life of quiet desperation as most people are doing. I believe we come to this planet to live lives of joy, happiness, and connection and we can do that, but first we have to learn how.

We have to learn how to move through pain, trauma, and disappointments and move into the energy of love, peace, and empowerment.

Connect with us. Talk with one of our Soul Guides and they’ll custom design the retreat that’s perfect for you to come into the life (or the relationship) you’re craving.

Kelly did it – you can too.

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