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You are soooo good looking!

PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO. First of all, because it will make you laugh. But the deeper part, the juicy part is this — We all live our lives doing the same things over and over (things we tell ourselves we “have to do”), but this demonstrates in a big way that if we just put a little extra effort into it — a little more laughter, a little more joy, a little more heart — it just makes all the difference in the world.
We’ve all sat through those boring announcements about how to buckle our seat belt and put on the oxygen mask, an announcement they “have to do” to comply with federal regulations. Usually we’re listening to a monotone voice and we’re usually listening to it while scrunched up in a completely full plane with a very large man sitting next to us who’s hogging the armrest. By the time flight attendants are making this announcement, they usually have a plane full of people who are tired, bored and not in a great mood. See how this special person does the same thing everyone else “has to do” that gets the entire plane load of people laughing and applauding and in a great mood.
I also want to thank my client and friend, Patrick, who sent this video to me. Patrick is an amazing and incredibly caring physician who lives outside of San Francisco. He’s done 4 Sedona Soul Adventures retreats over an 8 year period and each time he goes higher and deeper (I’m sure you know what I mean). He’s also gone to Egypt with me (and I had to rescue him from the security police in the Valley of the Kings because they thought he had taken an illegal photo!) Patrick called me this week, saying he wanted to do something special for his very special office assistant and he had offered to send she and her daughter to Hawaii. Her response was, “I’d rather do a Sedona Soul Adventure”, because she’s seen what a difference it’s made in Patrick’s life. Wow! I love that!
So watch this video and have a good laugh but also think about some part of your everyday life where you could add a little laughter, a little joy, a little heart and it would make all the difference. If you have trouble coming up with that, maybe it’s time to get on a plane and come to Sedona and do a Soul Adventure. It’s changed Patrick’s life and it’s about to change his assistant’s life. And if you fly on Southwest, you might get this fabulous flight attendant!
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Vincent says his Sedona Soul Adventure has added joy to his life
“My Sedona Soul Adventure provided me with adventures of a lifetime and lessons for living a more joyful, mindful, and spirit-filled life. The joy I’ve experienced and the learning I’ve incorporated into my life are profound and everlasting; and they sustain me daily. What a boost to my life!”

Vincent T., Washington D.C

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And here’s the video:

Wishing you a week of adding a little laughter to your daily routine,
Debra Stangl, Founder

Debra Stangl

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